Your Bank Account This Week, According To A Tarot Reader

Keep your guard up.

This week’s Mercury cazimi brings together the sun and logistical planet Mercury, giving everyone a boost of mental clarity and confidence around making decisions. Use this to your advantage as you approach work and financial matters this week — and check out the tarot cards I pulled to offer you some additional cosmic guidance.

Here’s your money tarot reading for the week ahead:

Card 1: What do you need to know about your finances this week?

The person depicted in the Four Of Cups sits pensively as three cups lay before him. Out of thin air, another cup appears next to him, but he still sits unmoved in quiet contemplation. This week, you have a lot of options in front of you, and the universe may even throw you a few more — but that doesn’t mean you have to move forward on anything. This could come in the form of possible job offers, investment opportunities, or things to spend some cash on.

However, if you’re not feeling particularly gung ho about making money moves, it’s best to sit with your thoughts for a while instead. Remember, just because you don’t feel ready to take on a particular role or make a certain investment this week doesn’t mean you won’t have the chance to do so in the future. Timing is everything, and the suit of cups has to do with our feelings and intuition — so do what feels right in your heart.

Thinking things through before committing to any big changes financially this week is a good thing, but make sure you’re not feeling so apathetic that you’re unable to realize when a special opportunity presents itself. It’s understandable to want to protect yourself (and your bank account) from risky decisions, but don’t mindlessly shut the door to something truly abundant in the process.

Card 2: How can you feel less anxious about money?

Just like the overflowing cup depicted on the card, the Ace Of Cups wants you to remind yourself of all the ways that your cup runneth over, too. Instead of focusing on what you lack or desire this week, switch up your perspective and allow yourself to bask in the gratitude for all you do have.

This isn’t to say that simply thinking positive thoughts will magically erase your money anxiety. Financial stressors are very real! But when this card shows up, it’s time to have some faith that the universe is providing for you — and choose to focus on the areas of your life where you feel abundant. Perhaps you have some incredibly fulfilling friendships, a loving and supportive partner, or a sweet pet who gives you unconditional love and cuddles. Maybe it’s the beauty of the morning light that shines just right in your kitchen window or the delicious meal you’ll be enjoying after work. Abundance is more of a mindset than it is a number in your bank account, so soak it up and trust that new opportunities are on the way.

Card 3: What will impact your career this week?

The sneaky fellow depicted on the Seven Of Swords cards is scurrying away with an armful of swords, thinking he’s slyly gotten away with something — and perhaps he has, but at what cost? This week, it’s important to keep your professional dealings above board and avoid giving into the temptation to cut corners or throw someone under the bus, even if it seems like no one would ever find out. Being strategic about how you approach your career is one thing, but going full-blown Machiavellian may not be the best way to handle things right now. Don’t shortchange someone else to benefit yourself because sometimes what goes around comes around.

The Seven Of Swords can also indicate that there’s some deceptive behavior at play involving people around you, so keep your eyes peeled for any shady behavior at work this week and avoid blindly trusting anyone with professional matters. Colleagues may have some hidden motivations behind their actions or be trying to take advantage of a situation — so while there’s no need to go down a spiral of paranoia, be sure to keep your guard up and watch your back if something seems off.

Nina Kahn is Bustle's resident astrologer and tarot reader.