The 7 Best Heat Control Window Films On Amazon

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by Tiana Crump
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Best heat control window films
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If you want to make your home cooler, the best heat control window films can significantly reduce the degree to which the sun warms your space. Top-rated films on Amazon can block up to 95% of UV rays (or higher!) by providing an extra layer of insulation to block out the sun, and many can also prevent glare. Heat control options also tend to act as privacy window films as well, shielding you from both the hot sun and the eyes of your neighbors, but unlike heat-blocking thermal curtains, they may also let in some light. Before you shop, consider what levels of heat control and privacy you'd like, and think about how much natural light you're willing to sacrifice in the name of cooling your space.

What To Consider When Shopping For The Best Heat Control Window Films

While it’s true that blocking the sun — both its light and heat — is the way that heat control films work, styles with a tint or frost can let in some natural light while providing some privacy and heat control. One-way privacy films shield you from sight during the day without interfering with your view out the windows, as well as blocking heat, though it's worth noting that the privacy features don't work after dark. Some window films are even decorative and can enhance your windows with an attractive pattern. Like blackout curtains, blackout window films will totally block the sun, but they’re often colored black and can get hot to the touch; look for options with a white exterior to truly keep things cool.

Most films either adhere by using either an adhesive or static cling. Both types are effective, but static cling films are easier to remove and reapply, and they don't leave behind any messy residue. However, they may peel in intense heat. Adhesive film is a more heavy-duty option and ideal for windows that see a lot of moisture or extreme temperatures, such as bathroom windows. When using adhesive film, keep in mind that removal and repositioning during installation can be difficult. Window film comes in a variety of sizes that can be cut to fit your windows, so try to choose the film closest to your window size to reduce the amount of trimming you’ll have to do.

Shop The Best Heat Control Window Films

In a hurry? Here are the best heat control window films on Amazon:

  1. A One-Way Heat Control Window Film: WPCTEV Window Film
  2. A Fan-Favorite Iridescent Heat Control Window Film: Rabbitgoo Window Privacy Film
  3. A Frosted Heat Control Window Film: HIDBEA Frosted Window Privacy Film
  4. A Blackout Heat Control Window Film: Window Whirl Total Blackout Window Film
  5. A Heat Control Window Film That Looks Like Stained Glass: DKTIE Stained Glass Window Film
  6. A Black-Tinted Heat Control Window Film: BuyDecorativeFilm Window Film
  7. A Rain-Look Heat Control Window Film: VELIMAX Rain Glass Window Film

Scroll on for my top picks for the best heat control window films to upgrade your windows, cool down your space, and save on energy costs. Oh, and pro-tip — be sure to stock up on chemical window cleaners, cleaning cloths, and squeegees, too, since window films should be applied only to clean glass and are often smoothed with a squeegee during application.


A One-Way Heat Control Window Film

This mirrored window film installs via adhesive to provide permanent heat control and protection. When applied, the film blocks up to 85% of infrared rays (and up to 97% of UV rays), so you can say goodbye to excessive heat and UV exposure in your sunniest rooms. The film even blocks glare up to 10%, making this film a true lifesaver for those who spend time in sunny homes.

In addition to heat control, the window film also provides daytime privacy without blocking your view of the outdoors. The film has a mirrored appearance when on the outside looking in, but you can still see through it from the indoors. Don’t get too comfortable with that privacy, though — at night, if you have the lights on, people will be able to see inside. The window film comes in a roll with a dozen available sizes and four tint options: black silver (pictured above), blue silver, brown silver, and silver.

Positive Amazon review: “Works really well at keeping the heat out in the summer, our bedroom faces the sun at evenings and was hard to keep cool but now after installation of the tint it stays alot cooler.”

Application type: Adhesive | Available sizes: 12


A Fan-Favorite Iridescent Heat Control Window Film

If you want a more decorative look, this Rabbitgoo window privacy film is a great option — and with over 59,000 reviews on Amazon and an overall rating of 4.6 stars, it’s clear that people really love it. The window film has a beautifully shimmery rainbow effect that adds style to your panes, while simultaneously giving you partial privacy to prevent passersby from peering inside. Best of all, it reduces glare, blocks 99% of UVB rays, and prevents 84% of UVA rays from entering your home. Amazon reviewers report that it does a great job of cooling down their spaces.

Application and removal should be super easy since the film attaches via static cling and doesn't require the use of glues or adhesives. You can buy it in a variety of different sizes.

One reviewer wrote: “It looks great. Fills my living room with rainbows and blocks the heat from the sun but none of the light. I’m happy with my purchase.”

Application type: Static cling | Available sizes: 10

Also available on: Walmart, $12


A Frosted Heat Control Window Film

This frosted window film gives your home a chic look while adding a layer of privacy — and blocking out heat, of course. According to the manufacturer, it provides heat insulation in the summer and heat preservation in the winter to help lower your energy costs. This static cling film can filter out up to 90% of the sun’s harmful UV rays and 86% of heat. But that’s not all it can do — the frosted tint prevents the neighbors from peering into your home, making it easy to enjoy some glare-free sunlight with the blinds or curtains wide open.

The window film attaches via static cling, which means installation is easy and you can adjust or remove the film any time you want. It’s available in two frost finishes, so you can pick the one that best matches your space.

One reviewer wrote: “I’ve used other brands [...] and they slip off the window very easily. This I bought for our garage window which faces the street. My husband works from his garage and there are lots of valuables that are visible from the street. We are very happy with the privacy this provides as well as the added benefit of cooling down our garage in the afternoons when the sun hits this window. Very happy. Very easy to install. No bubbles. Good cling.”

Application type: Static cling | Available sizes: 6


A Blackout Heat Control Window Film

Blackout window films can be great for blocking heat since they block sunlight entirely, but they can also get pretty hot to the touch since they’re typically made of black material. Not so with this blackout film, which has a white exterior that reflects UV rays and doesn’t get as hot. The film, which still appears black from the inside, blocks 100% of sunlight, and users report that it’s very effective at keeping their homes cool and dark.

The blackout film is really only a good pick for you if you’re trying to achieve total darkness, but it’s a great cooling option for anyone who really wants to totally keep the sun from coming through the window. It applies to glass via static cling.

One reviewer wrote: “Works so good. I’m a really light sleeper and these work basically as blackout blinds. I’m not handy around the house but installation was fine — I just followed the instructions and it worked. Definitely highly recommend for light sleepers or people sensitive to light. I also think it helps with the heat in the summer.”

Application type: Static cling | Available sizes: 9


A Heat Control Window Film That Looks Like Stained Glass

If you want to cool off your home in style, this pretty window film is designed to look like stained glass, while simultaneously blocking out 96% of UV rays. The design is available in five different colors so you can really match it to your space, and it attaches to the window via renter-friendly static cling. The design provides significant privacy while still letting in some light as well, striking that important balance between heat control, light, privacy, and style.

One reviewer wrote: “I wanted something different that would block out the heat a bit, but still let in the light. This product does everything I wanted it to and it looks SO COOL!!!”

Application type: Static cling | Available sizes: 2


A Black-Tinted Heat Control Window Film

Add a dark tint to your window that blocks out sunlight and heat with this black-tinted window film. Unlike blackout window film, it lets some light in, but it does keep out up to 55% of heat and up to 99% of UV rays, which also makes your home way cooler. You’ll receive a lot of film with each roll, making it ideal for those who want to apply it to multiple or extra-large windows.

Amazon reviewers have reported that this window film gives you significant but not total privacy and that it’s definitely more private by day than by night, so keep that in mind if you want more than partial privacy. It uses adhesive to stick to your window and comes in a bunch of different sizes that you can cut it to fit any pane.

One reviewer wrote: “We bought this and installed it. Was easy to do with two of us. The tint is perfect. We can see out but the sun no longer blasts through our windows. Very happy with our purchase.”

Application type: Adhesive | Available sizes: 13


A Rain-Look Heat Control Window Film

If you want a cooler, more private living space but you still want to let in a lot of natural light, this window film is here to help. It makes any windows look like they’re made of rain glass, giving you partial privacy, and attaches via static cling. It also decreases the amount of UV rays that make their way through the window by up to 97%, which is pretty impressive given that they still let in some real daylight. Choose from a bunch of different sizes, each of which can be cut to fit your specific window.

One reviewer wrote: “I love that this product allows for so much natural light to come through, yet providing a level of privacy that I thought was impossible. Also I noticed since I live on the top floor that as the sun begins to get blazing later in the day, my place remains somewhat cooler still.”

Application type: Static cling | Available sizes: 7

Also available on: Walmart, $10

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