The 4 Best Window Air Conditioners With Heat

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If you want to stay comfortable all year round while cutting back on energy costs, then using one of the best window air conditioners with heat can help. These multifunctional AC units are efficient, easy to install in a window. Plus, they can even save you money in the long run since you're only cooling or heating the rooms you need.

The heating features in window AC units function similarly to the cooling options. Your window air conditioner with heat will require a minimum of 20 Btus (British thermal units) for each cubic foot of living space you’re trying to warm up. So, for example, an AC window unit with a heater Btu of 8,000 or higher should suffice for rooms up to 400 square feet. Other features you might get good use out of include a remote control, the ability to program specific temperature settings, and Wi-Fi-enabled smart capabilities.

Window air conditioners with heat fit right in your window which make them easy to install. However, when you're not using your window AC heater during the winter, you may be exposed to cold drafts. So, be careful to close up any cracks or remove the unit from your window when not in use.

For both supplemental cooling and heating I've checked out the power, the features, and the reviews to recommend the best window air conditioners with heat for your specific needs whether it’s staying cool in the summer or toasty during the winter months.

1. The Best Window Air Conditioner With Heat, All Things Considered

The LG heating and cooling window air conditioner is great for year-round use in rooms measuring up to 550 square feet. This unit has a powerful 12,000 Btu cooling capacity and 11,200 Btu heating option with an Energy Saver setting that turns it off when the set temperature is reached, along with a handy remote control. In addition to these, there are also two fan speed settings, as well as two cooling and heating speeds. Plus, the unit comes with an installation kit.

One reviewer described their experience: “I installed through the wall to heat and cool a small house. Works perfectly! I am impressed how quiet running it is.”

2. The Runner Up

Frigidaire is a name that a lot of people trust when it comes to cooling. This corded electric window unit can be used year-round due to its supplemental heating function. It’s smart enough to know when to turn on and off, and will tell you when it’s time to change the filter. Best of all, it’s easy to install. While window units are much appreciated during extreme weather, they can often be slightly intimidating to set up.

One reviewer described their experience: “It works good. Have one that I bought in 2015 and it is still working!”

3. The Best Budget Unit

One of the only setbacks of the Koldfront is that while it does heat, it’s not meant to serve as a primary source of heat. For plenty of customers, that’s just fine. With 8,000 BTU cooling capacity and a 3,500 BTU heat function, this unit can adequately serve an area of 350 square feet. It’s great for people actively looking to cut down on energy expenses — the Koldfront has a check filter light, a sleep mode, and a special Energy Saver mode to help out.

One reviewer described their experience: “Love the remote and energy saver option to cool on and off. Also has a timer. Cools my 350 sq feet gym space perfectly at 71 degrees.”

4. The Best Smart Window Air Conditioner With Heat

You can control this smart air conditioning unit with the included remote control, Wi-Fi, and — thanks to its Alexa and Google Home compatibility — your voice. The unit itself has a 8,000 Btu capacity, making it ideal for rooms up to 320 square feet, and two cooling, heat, and fan speeds.

One reviewer described their experience: “Highly recommend saving up for a good quality AC unit like this one that will last years compared to a cheap one with only a cooling function. Most window AC's don’t have heat but this one does and seems to be built very well.”

Also Great: A Portable Standing Air Conditioner With Heat

This might not be a window unit, but deserves to be included based on the fact that it’s a worthwhile option you might not have considered. Not only does this air conditioner come with heat, but it’s also portable, meaning it’s a great addition to any household. The fan inside will cool a room down to 55°F. It also has a powerful heater, capable of bringing a room to 81°F. Since it can roll into any room, it’s especially good for a home office or chilly bedroom. It’s also easy to use, with a top-mounted LED display and a 24-hour timer that’ll help ensure that the temperature is to your liking.

One reviewer described their experience: “It may seem too cheap to be worthy of 14k BTU but trust me, this puppy don’t play. The best thing about it is that there is no negative pressure, it simply converts inside heat to inside cool air while blowing hot air outside. It’s literally feather touch-enabled. I slid my finger across the panel and it recognized every action I wanted it to make.”

Another Great Option: This Smart Mini-Split Air Conditioner With Heat

While pricier than other options on this list, MRCOOL’s ductless mini-split air conditioner has the ability to cool or heat rooms up to a whopping 1,000 square feet with a 23,000 Btu cooling capacity and supplementary 25,000 Btu heat function. It comes with a remote control, and as long as there is Wi-Fi, you can also control it from almost anywhere using your smartphone. Additionally, it’s compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Unlike a traditional mini-split, this one comes with everything you need to install it, which many reviewers have attested is a cinch.

One reviewer described their experience: “The unit works incredibly well. It can lower the temperature in the room from 85 to 65 in an hour. It's virtually silent. And it's saving us electricity since I run the main central AC a lot less.”

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