7 Super-Effective Space Heaters That Actually Fit In Your Small Space

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When the cold weather rolls around, your heating system may need a little extra help to warm up your space. If you’re tired of chattering teeth or want to save money by heating just part of your home, the best small space heaters will efficiently heat the area that matters to you (whether it’s a whole room or just under your desk) and are compact enough that they won’t intrude on your limited space. But before you buy a space heater, there are a few factors to consider, especially if you’re shopping for a smaller room or need a heater for a compact apartment.


When thinking about the space heater that is best for your needs, pay attention to the size of the unit. If you’re looking to heat up the area just around your desk at the office, for example, then you’re going to want to pick a space heater that has a pretty small footprint (probably 6 inches or less). And if you’re looking to warm a slightly larger space (like a whole room), be on the lookout for a unit that can handle a more substantial area. I also included a tower heater on this list, which mainly takes up vertical space without impeding too much on your horizontal square footage.


A heater that puts out 1,500 watts max (on high heat) should work fine in most small rooms. Personal heaters with lower wattages may not cover as much ground, but may still be a nice option for providing a little extra heat at your desk or in an especially compact space.


Space heaters, when used improperly, can be dangerous. That’s why it’s really important to avoid risky space heater mistakes and look for units that have safety features like overheat protection (which automatically turns the unit off if it gets too hot) or tip-over protection (which automatically turns the unit off if it tips over). Most space heaters on this list have these safety features, but make sure yours has the features that matter most to you, and always take care to monitor your space heater while it’s on.

Additional features

Some space heaters are quite simple; the unit may have just an on/off switch or basic heat settings. Others boast some cool features, like a timer or remote control, or a handle for extra portability.

To help you on the hunt for the ultimate small space heater, here are seven picks that Amazon reviewers say have helped to keep them nice and toasty.


A Highly-Rated Small Space Heater At An Affordable Price

With an impressive 4.4-star overall rating after more than 48,000 reviews, it’s safe to say that Amazon reviewers enjoy this space heater from Givebest. At under 10 inches tall and with an even smaller width and depth, this pick is certainly small — but that doesn't mean it's not powerful. Choose from three different settings (1,500 watts, 750 watts, and even a cool blow fan) and the unit should warm up your space in a matter of minutes. The adjustable thermostat control ensures that the temperature stays at an oh-so-comfortable level that you can enjoy for as long as you please. Rest easy knowing that this pick has built-in safety features, including overheat and tip over protection. And at around $35 in price, it doesn't get much better than that.

Helpful Amazon review: “Y’all this is the best small space heater I’ve ever had! When it came in the mail and I opened it was skeptical that it would be able to warm our bedroom since we have a sliding glass window and when it gets cold here in the desert it feels really cold! But not only was this super easy to set up, use and regulate but it kept us super warm.”

  • Dimensions: 7 x 6.2 x 9.2 inches (width x depth x height)


An Editor-Favorite Mini Space Heater For Your Desk

Perfect for warming the area around or under your desk, this super mini space heater from Lasko is the best way to make your work day a little warmer. Just ask BDG commerce editor Amy Biggart, who reports, “I have this small Lasko personal heater and I leave it on my desk in my freezing office. It’s surprisingly powerful and so quiet that it doesn’t bother anyone working near me.” According to Biggart, the ceramic heater is even “small enough I can fit it in my filing cabinet when I’m not using it.”

The MyHeat has a low wattage (200, to be exact, which should be all you need for such a small space) and comes in three different colors. Best of all, it’s super easy to use: flip the power switch and you’re good to go. Despite the simple design, this pick still has overheat protection so you don’t have to worry about safety. With an ultra-low price tag under $25, Amazon reviewers just adore this space heater; it has more than 5,000 reviews and a 4.5-star rating overall.

Helpful Amazon review: “This little sucker is GREAT! I ordered it in January (six months ago) because I had started working remotely and my desk is by a window and my legs and feet were freezing all the time. This little baby not only keeps my feet and legs warm, I found my dog and cat both like to sleep near it when I'm working to keep cozy. Even now, in July, I switch it on in the mornings to take any chill off. I highly recommend it!”

  • Dimensions: 3.8 x 2.8 x 6.1 inches (width x depth x height)


A Small Space Heater That Plugs Directly Into A Wall Outlet

This space heater from Minetom isn’t just very compact; it also plugs directly into a wall outlet so it doesn’t take up any floor space, and it doesn’t even have any wires to worry about. The plug even rotates, so you can pick the orientation that works best for your space. The 350-watt heater won’t draw a lot of power, but it has a higher wattage than personal heaters of a similar size, so the manufacturer claims it can heat rooms up to 100 square feet in size. You can use the thermostat to set a desired temperature between 60 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit (which you’ll be able to see on the digital display), and you can even set a timer so the heater turns off or on after a specified number of hours. The unit features overheat and tip over protection for added safety.

Helpful Amazon review: “Very easy to use. Furnace went up during the winter months and out of heat for a week due to high service calls. Having 2 young kids I couldn't wait so I took a chance with 2 of these and placed 1 each in each child's room. The thermostat function is great because I was worried about it getting too hot in my toddlers bedroom and it automatically reached the desired temperature and cut off. We continued to use them even after the furnace was replaced because it allowed us to turn the house thermostat down and have controlled heating in the kids rooms. Keeping the utility bill low. Highly recommended product. Very quiet and efficient.”

  • Dimensions: 4.3 x 2.8 x 6.5 inches (width x depth x height)


A Tower-Style Space Heater With A Compact Footprint

If you’ve got vertical space available, a thin tower-style space heater is a great option for warming up your room. And this pick from Lasko is certainly your best bet; it stands 23 inches tall, but takes up very little floorspace. Standout features include an easy-to-read digital display, a programmable thermostat (with high, low, and auto/thermostat settings), an 8-hour timer, and a remote control for added convenience. The 1,500-watt heater even oscillates, and reviewers note that it can warm up spaces up to 200 to 300 square feet. It offers overheat protection for safety, and a built-in handle makes carrying the unit super simple so you can enjoy it throughout your home. This pick comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

Helpful Amazon review: “Firstly, for whatever reason, it's much smaller than I anticipated. [...] In reality, it's whisper-quiet and a little under 2 feet tall. Seriously, a couple times I had to stop and listen intently to make sure it was still going. [...] It did a better job heating my whole house in a couple hours than my built-in vent has ever done being on 24/7. If you're looking for a small, portable, super quiet, oscillating heater, this is the one. Buy it.”

  • Dimensions: 7.25 x 8.6 x 23 inches (width x depth x height)


A Compact Oscillating Space Heater

Measuring just over 10 inches tall with a 6.7 by 5.5-inch base, this Dreo ceramic heater is small enough to fit on or under a desk, but large enough to put out 1,500 watts. It also oscillates, so you can spread the heat around. Adjust between four different settings, including high, low, fan-only, and an eco setting that regulates heat on its own based on the ambient temperature of the space. An LED display helps you keep track of your settings, and a 1 to 12-hour timer lets you set the heat to shut off automatically after a certain amount of time. A removable, washable filter blocks dust and other particles. For safety, the heater also offers tip-over and overheat protection.

Helpful Amazon review: “The unit heats up fast and is super quiet. It looks fancy and can be kept in the living room. It gets hot within a split second of turning on the unit. The build quality is exceptionally good and is safe to be around kids and pets. This one is super quiet and can be kept on while in office meetings, my wife loved it. It shows the temperature right on the unit which is very useful and adding a rotating feature helps to heat up the surrounding, so other people will not fight with you for heat. It is rightly as described in the description..!! Definitely recommend!!”

  • Dimensions: 6.7 x 5.5 x 10 inches (width x depth x height)


An Editor-Approved Small Space Heater With Adjustable Fan Speed

"When cool weather rolls around, it's nice to have a reliable space heater to turn to, and this Comfort Zone one does the trick for me,” explains BDG associate commerce editor Wesley Salazar. “It has basic control settings, but it packs a powerful punch. The space heater can warm up a small room surprisingly quickly for its size, and it's so compact that it's easy to move around as needed." The device has three different heat settings that put out up to 1,500 watts, including an energy saving mode, plus a fan-only setting with a knob to further adjust the fan speed. It also has overheat and tip-over protection.

Helpful Amazon review: “This heater is exactly what I was looking for: small, with excellent, heat blowing output. It was surprisingly difficult to find what I wanted, so glad to finally see this one. It was a bit expensive compared to the next model down, which was half the price, but it was still worth it to me to get this one.”

  • Dimensions: 7.5 x 5.1 x 8.7 inches (width x depth x height)


A Small Space Heater With A Built-In Humidifier

Heat can be drying, which is why this small space heater from Geek Heat has a clever built-in humidifier function. While the wattage provided by this heater isn’t mentioned, one reviewer called it “an unexpected little powerhouse,” with another reporting that it’s “much hotter than I expected given the size.” This is important, since you can’t actually adjust the amount of heat it puts out, though you can choose to have it oscillate if you’d like. You can use the heater on its own or with the built-in humidifier, or you can even operate the humidifier without the heater. The humidifier tank holds 200 milliliters of water and is removable for easy filling or cleaning. In addition to the tip-over and overheat protection, the device also has an auto-shut-off function so that you can’t accidentally run it for more than 8 hours of heating or 5.5 hours of humidifying at a time. Choose from black, white, mint, or pink colors.

Helpful Amazon review: “This product is amazing. The size of the heater made me think it wasn't going to produce much heat. Boy was I wrong. In about 10 minutes it warmed up my basement completely. It is quiet and barely noticeable when it is on. The added feature of the humidifier just makes it that much better. I love how it is light weight so it can easily be moved around my house. If you are in the market for a small heater that packs a punch: then this is your option. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!”

  • Dimensions: 5.2 x 5.5 x 9.8 inches (width x depth x height)

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