The 7 Best Mildew-Resistant Bath Mats For Inside & Outside The Tub

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Whether it’s for aesthetics, nonslip protection, or a combination of the two, the best mildew-resistant bath mats handle water without encouraging the growth of mold and bacteria. Since moisture typically translates to mildew, that’s no easy feat — especially since the bathroom is a particularly damp place to begin with. Material choice is key here, but first you need to decide if you’re shopping for inside the bathtub or outside of it.

When people hear the term “bath mats,” two different products come to mind: rugs that absorb moisture outside the shower or textured mats that prevent slipping inside the tub. For that reason, I’ve divided the article into two categories, so whichever you’re shopping for, you can find the best options below.

Next, you’ll need to decide on a material. An outside-the-tub bath mat can be made from a fluffy material that absorbs water, but the ability to dry quickly is paramount. Certain fabrics, woods, or natural materials allow for quick evaporation, which means that instead of sitting there harboring mildew, the rug can dry shortly after you shower. If opting for fabric, the mat should also be machine-washable to keep things sanitary long-term. A mat for inside the tub, on the other hand, should be entirely non-porous. Instead of absorbing water, this mat should allow it to drain off and filter through, so grippy, synthetic materials with drainage holes that allow for thorough drying are your best bet.

Once you’ve chosen a material, the rest is mostly about preference. Luckily, both types come in tons of different colors and styles, so you can find one that best suits your bathroom decor. Here are the top options for each category, and they’ve all got one thing in common: They stay fresh-smelling and mildew-free regardless of moisture.

The Best Mats For Outside The Tub

1. The Overall Best Bath Rug

The Gorilla Grip luxury bathroom mat is made from soft, high-pile chenille fabric, which is extremely absorbent to catch all excess water — but the plush shag is also designed to dry quickly to prevent the growth of mildew. Thanks to its machine-washable design, you can keep it clean long-term, and the TP-rubber backing is much more durable than other options. For that reason, some reviewers say they’ve even been able to toss it in the dryer without issue.

In addition to the plush, cozy texture, buyers also love the countless options to personalize their bathrooms. With dozens of different colors and 10 sizes (including stylish circular rugs and cut-out shapes for under the toilet), you can add moisture-resistance and comfort to just about any spot.

According to one reviewer: “This mat is super absorbent, even after four showers back to back! Our last mat was always wet for the next person, but this one stays dry and stays put on the floor without sliding around. Would highly recommend!”

2. The Fastest-Drying Option

If you’re less concerned with texture and more concerned with quick-drying, this SlipX mat is a brilliant option made from a unique material. Instead of fabric, this mat is made with natural diatomaceous earth (in other words, the fossilized remains of algae), which is extremely absorbent and naturally antibacterial. Best of all, wet footprints disappear in under 60 seconds, so mildew never has a chance to grow. It's also eco-friendly, nonslip, and one of the easiest-to-maintain options. This mat comes in gray and the marbled finish seen above.

According to one reviewer: “Works great! Water dries quickly on non-slip mat. Looks beautiful in our bathroom giving it a high end look. We just bought our second mat to have more room. First mat is holding up great after a year of daily use. Highly recommend.”

3. The Best Memory Foam Bath Mat

If comfort is a top priority, the Genteele bath mat cushions your feet with memory foam and velvety microfiber. Still, despite the cloud-like construction, the mat is designed for quick evaporation — and it's machine-washable to keep it clean long-term. The bottom is coated with nonslip PVC dots, and more than 20 colors and eight size options ensure the best fit for most bathrooms. It's not the most durable option, but it's definitely the most luxurious. That’s why it has earned a 4.6-star rating overall after more than 49,000 reviews.

According to one reviewer: “This is magic! Shower in the morning and step out fully wet. By the time I get home again it's dry. No foul [smell], no mildew... Pretty great bathroom mat.”

4. An Eco-Friendly & Versatile Option

Since it’s nonslip and made from 100% bamboo, the GOBAM bamboo mat is one of the only options that’s versatile enough to be used both inside and outside the shower. It dries within minutes to prevent the growth of mold — making it less likely to harbor unwanted germs and odors. This design also features wide slats for drainage and anti-slip buttons on the bottom. Get it in black or natural to suit your decor. It even comes in multiple sizes.

According to one reviewer: “Got this a few months ago because our bath mat kept holding water and getting dirty. Decided to go for something that could air out more easily and this mat has been great! Smooth wood, non-slip and looks great in our bathroom.”

The Best Mats For Inside The Tub

1. The Best Bath Mat Overall

Once again, Gorilla Grip ranks at the top of the list. Their original patented bath mat has various features in place to help resist the growth of mildew, including an antibacterial BPA-free material, a machine-washable design, and countless drainage holes to prevent water from getting trapped.

Measuring 35 by 16 inches, this one is large enough to cover the entirety of most tub floors, providing nonslip security — especially with its textured design. Last but not least, it’s available in more than 20 colors, including clear for those looking for one that blends in. It has also racked up more than 45,000 perfect five-star ratings.

According to one reviewer: “This product is great. It is machine washable, and I washed it prior to using as instructed. I was afraid from past experience with shower mats that it would mold quickly but actually a few weeks in, it still looks great. We do immediately pull the mat up to dry every time we use it when we shower. It’s nice to know I can throw it into the wash when it needs it. The mat is a nice long size so it covers most of your shower.”

2. The Budget-Friendly Pick

If you’re looking for a quick and easy fix that won’t cost you much now (or later), the AmazerBath mat has over 29,000 ratings for a reason. The large 40-by-16-inch size covers a huge portion of the tub, but at just $12, it’s one of the most affordable options out there. It also features 200 suction cups, 176 drainage holes, and 10 color options to choose from.

According to one reviewer: “We use this when our toddler bathes and it's worked perfectly. It stays in place and is long enough to to go end to end is our tub. I also have had zero issues with mildew. We either hang it or stick it to the wall of the shower and it dries quickly.”

3. A Super Nonslip Mat With Slotted Panels

Instead of one long sheet, the I FRMMY bath mat utilizes high-end TPE panels. Said panels allow for drainage thanks to the slats, but it’s also super durable — and according to reviewers, much less likely to tear when pulled up so the mat can dry, even with the strong suction cups. This mat comes in four colors, and the textured-wave design further prevents slipping. It also dries quickly and easily rolls up for storage.

According to one reviewer: “Just what I hoped it would be. Very stable underfoot, water drains easily, easy to clean, looks very stylish.”

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