The 15 Best Reed Diffusers

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There's a reason why real estate agents say to bake cookies right before an open house. Whether consciously or subconsciously, the smell of a space has the ability to alter the feeling someone gets just by inhaling. The internet has tons of air freshener options, but the best reed diffusers can refresh your space immediately with minimal effort on your part.

Unlike scented candles or electric diffusers, reed diffusers don't require any flames, plugs, or batteries. Instead, they use wooden sticks (or reeds) to pull the fragrance oils from the bottom of the bottle to the top of the reed, where the scent then evaporates into the air. They require pretty much zero maintenance or remembering to do anything, besides maybe refilling the bottle every couple of months. That's why they're one of the best ways to freshen up your home.

Scientific studies have proven that fragrances can interact with the brain to impact our moods, stress levels, and even working capacities. That's because they can cross over the blood-brain barrier and interact with receptors in the central nervous system. Whether you have a home office, are looking to make your guests feel welcome, or just want a more uplifting environment for yourself, the best reed diffusers are an effective way to get there. Of course, scent preferences are subjective, so I've included some of the most popular and diverse options the Internet has to offer.


A Lemongrass & Ginger Diffuser That Smells Like A Spa

One of the highest-rated options on Amazon, this NEST reed diffuser features a fresh, herbaceous scent with notes of lemongrass, ginger, thyme, eucalyptus, and sage. The fragrance oil is cruelty- and alcohol-free, and should maintain its scent for up to 90 days. The chic glass bottle is decorated with frosted stripes. Multiple reviewers agree the lemongrass scent is perfect for a spa day. One even wrote, “I own a high-end day spa and have searched for a diffuser and oil combination [...] The Lemongrass and Ginger oil is so natural.” while another added, “Awesome smell. Makes my office feel like a spa.”

According to a reviewer: "Vibrant, constant and pleasant smell (lemongrass & ginger) throughout the room! Noticeable but not too strong, just on point! Very happy”


The Gift Set With 3 Classic Fragrances

If you're having trouble choosing just one or are looking for the perfect housewarming present, this reed diffuser gift set comes with three classic scents: rose, lavender, and vanilla. The sweet, floral fragrances come with a bundle of reed diffusers, which you can add or remove to each bottle to find your desired intensity.

According to a reviewer: “Three of my favorite scents!! Product came with enough reed sticks to equally divide between the three. The bottles are small enough to not take up room on my counter, with a super cute label design!”


A Relaxing Lavender-Scented Diffuser

For loads of people, the smell of lavender invokes feelings of relaxation and peace. That's because it actually interacts with the nervous system and increases theta and alpha waves in the brain. No wonder the Oojra French Provence Lavender aromatherapy diffuser is so popular. It uses real lavender essential oil along with minty herbal notes and a woody undertone. The large modern decorative glass bottle complements any space, from bathrooms to bedrooms, and some buyers even use it to add an uplifting scent to their offices or studios. It's also available in two other scents: jasmine bamboo and white tea and ginger.

According to a reviewer: "The Oojra French Provence Lavender fragrance is a wonderful, complex balanced scent with lavender as its predominant note. I never get tired of it. It welcomes me into the bedroom and sets the mood for relaxation and rest. I believe I am sleeping more soundly and peacefully. I reduced the number of reeds to six which is ample for the size of the room. It is a full scent capable of filling the room, but it is not overpowering due to its balance. I will repurchase and cannot imagine being without it. The bottle is beautiful, and I love the black reeds. The presentation would make an excellent gift.!"


The Fresh Cotton Diffuser That Smells Clean & Bright

The best thing about having done laundry is getting to climb into a bed outfitted with clean sheets at the end of the day. You can replicate that delicious feeling with this fresh cotton diffuser set. The fragrance features a base of clean cotton with notes of earthy sandalwood and energizing lemon, and it comes in a minimalist glass bottle that’ll look great in any room of the house.

According to a reviewer: “Smells lovely. Nice fragrance. I have it in a bathroom and it smells nice, clean and light. Not overpowering but pleasant. Comes nicely packaged. Easy to use, just unscrew the metal casing, remove the cap, put the metal piece back on and stick in the reeds. Easy. Great addition to the bathroom”


A Warm & Spicy Moroccan Amber Diffuser

With a combination of amber, citron, coconut, and acai fragrances, multiple reviewers report that this Urban Naturals diffuser smells wonderful. The clear glass bottle and dark reeds look sleek, and the fragrance is designed to last for months. And if amber is not your taste, there are 32 other fragrances to choose from, including cinnamon vanilla, autumn harvest, and crisp white linen.

According to a reviewer: "I love this set up, and yes, it’s VERY long-lasting. The scent is subtle, but not too soft."


The Pumpkin Spice Latte Diffuser That Smells Like Fall

I'm obsessed with fall and of the belief that it's never too early to prepare for the best season ever. This Lorenzen Candle Co reed diffuser smells just like a pumpkin spice latte, with notes of coffee, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and clove. It's also got a sweet hint of maple sugar that warms your home when the cold evenings start to roll in. The set comes with a reusable amber glass bottle and natural rattan reeds. If you'd prefer a less coffee-centric scent that’s still reminiscent of fall goodies, the brand also sells a pumpkin bakery scent that smells like sweet, pumpkin-flavored baked goods.

According to a reviewer: "Im in love with this scent and reed diffuser. Its smells amazing! Definitely best in a big room. Fills out house with a beautiful Autumn aroma. Everyone who comes to visit comments on the pleasantness of this diffuser. Buying more in future"


This Festive Frasier Fir Diffuser

If winter is more your season, this Frasier fir reed diffuser might be just what you're looking for. Fir is combined with cedarwood and sandalwood for a sophisticated option. Plus, the fir needle-printed bottle makes it a great gift or decorative option and perfectly complements your festive holiday decor.

According to a reviewer: "Nothing compares with the Frasier Fir scent. Worth ever penny and then some. Everyone who comes into my house just stops and says wow. When you buy a real pine wreath and smell the needles, all the fir products smell exactly like the real thing. Heavenly!!”


A Tropical Coconut & Vanilla Diffuser

Create tropical vibes with this coconut and vanilla bean reed diffuser. It’s a long-lasting option that offers around four months of fragrance, and it comes with eight wavy reed sticks that add a touch of decorative flair. And if you don’t love coconut and vanilla, there are eight other fragrances to choose from, including sandalwood and eucalyptus, frosted mint, and honeysuckle.

According to a reviewer: “It smells like Hawaii! I love the scent so much. It also looks soooo cute as a decor!”


This Lemon & Mint Diffuser That Smells Like The Amalfi Coast

Whisk yourself away to the Italian coast with this Amalfi lemon reed diffuser. The fragrance features a blend of lemon, orange bergamot, and mint, along with a hint of beachy driftwood that makes you feel like you’re by the Mediterranean. Plus, the striped glass bottle adds a touch of elegance to your decor.

According to a reviewer: “I love Nest scents. I have Lemon/Mint in the powder. The scent is subtle and fresh. You get a whiff as you pass by or as you enter a room. Nothing cloying about these scents; they are tasteful and just wonderful.”


This Best-Selling Diffuser That Comes With Preserved Flowers

Not only is this mini reed diffuser scented like a floral bouquet, but it also comes with preserved flowers that create a pop of color. The elegant glass bottle is small enough to display anywhere in the house, and there are larger sizes and nine other scents to choose from, including black cherry and April fresh.

According to a reviewer: “This is so amazing! I love the smell of the floral bouquet. I have only set up for less than an hour and my whole bathroom is filled with this scent. The scent is light and pleasing, not overwhelming at all. And of course I won't forget to mention how cute it is! The design of it is so adorable, it'll lighten up anyone's day with it. I absolutely love it!”


An Earthy Diffuser With Hints Of Amber & Citrus

This outdoors-inspired reed diffuser features a complex blend of amber, sage, moss, and lavender. The fragrance oil comes in a small apothecary-inspired bottle, and the scent should last for three to four months. If you prefer less earthy fragrances, there are a handful of additional scents to choose from, including sandalwood rose, Los Angeles, and sweet grapefruit.

According to a reviewer: “Love the smell and look of the bottle. Lasts a pretty long time too. I think about 3-4 months.”


This Diffuser That Smells Like A Warm & Cozy Fireplace

Inspired by the scent of a cozy fireplace, this festive reed diffuser set is infused with pine, sandalwood, and vanilla. The sleek diffuser arrives beautifully packaged, making it a great option for gift-giving, with white reeds that complete the minimalist look. This brand also offers other holiday-themed scents, including ones inspired by Christmas trees and winter mornings.

According to a reviewer: “I love this attractive reed diffuser. It smells wonderful and looks nice in my home. I got the cozy fireplace and it is fragrant and makes the room smell so nice! I highly recommend and will be buying more as the holiday's draw near. These diffusers would make a lovely gift. I recommend!”


This Pretty Ceramic Diffuser With A Refreshing Floral Scent

The two-toned ceramic vase and branch-shaped rattan reeds that make up this diffuser set are as decorative as they are sniff-worthy. White jasmine and tuberose provide a fresh, floral scent, with notes of orange blossom, neroli, and citrus. The bottle is available in a few different colors and scents if you like the style but want to change things up — choose from bergamot and juniper, sea salt and surf, or white musk.

According to a reviewer: “I am big time into reed diffusers and this one in particular exceeded my expectations. The scent is so soothing and calming. Design is also unique and makes a great addition to my home office.”


A Pink Diffuser That Smells Like Rose Water

This soft pastel pink reed diffuser is scented with a floral bouquet of rose, peony, and jasmine that’s blended with cedar leaf, orange, and mandarin. Reviewers love the delicate scent, and the minimalist bottle is sure to bring chic style and relaxing vibes to any room.

According to a reviewer: “Wow! I am in LOVE with the stillness + purity Reed diffuser! The smell is a combination of rose water and peonies. These scents are perfect together. As soon as I walk in the room I can smell this gem!”


This Sleek White Oval Diffuser Scented With Jasmine

If you’re looking for a sleek look, this all-white reed diffuser is perfect. The textured ceramic diffuser is richly scented with jasmine essential oil and comes with decorative dried flowers. Reviewers describe this compact diffuser as “cute” and “elegant,” making it a great addition to your living space.

According to a reviewer: “I liked this product because the scent is not overwhelming, the vase is a pleasant neutral color and the little flowers add a little prettiness instead of just the reeds.”

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