The 12 Best Sheets On Amazon

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You're going to spend about one-third of your life asleep — so why not do it while wrapped in the comfort of some of best sheets on Amazon? From breathable cotton to cozy flannel and luxe silk, they come in a range of materials that’ll offer just the feel you like, while keeping you warm (or cool) all night long.

If you're a naturally hot sleeper who can't make it through the night without nearly breaking a sweat, there are lightweight sheets that keep you cool all night. Bamboo is a naturally temperature-regulating option that stays cool to the touch, and since it’s made from a sustainable crop, it’s eco-friendly, too. Likewise, cotton is a great pick for cool breathability through all seasons, and since it comes in all kinds of weaves, it’s exceptionally versatile. Cotton percale will offer a classic crisp feel, while high thread count Egyptian cotton will have a dense weave that’s smooth, silky, and durable. For something a little more casual and cozy, jersey knit will feel like a stretchy T-shirt, but it won’t overheat you. And if you don’t mind spending a pretty penny, natural silk is luxury pick with cooling, breathable benefits, and (as you might guess), it’s the epitome of smooth softness.

Of course, if the opposite scenario applies to you and you generally feel like you're sleeping in an igloo, flannel sheets — or even plush fleece sheets — will trap heat to keep you warm all night long.

A set of great bed sheets can make all the difference between a so-so night of rest and a solid eight hours of shut-eye. Find a set that work for you and transform your bed into the comfy, cozy sleep chamber of your dreams.


The Most Popular Sheets On Amazon

  • Amazon rating: 4.5 stars, 226,000+ ratings
  • Material: 100% Microfiber
  • Attributes: Soft, lightweight, reviewer- and editor-approved

What to know: Microfiber sheets are a dime a dozen these days, but that doesn't mean they're all the same. This microfiber sheet set is one of the most popular on Amazon with more than 160,00 perfect five-star reviews because it basically ticks off every box imaginable. Available in a wide range of colors, and patterns, they’re mega-soft, hypoallergenic, and resistant to dust mites. They’re neither too thick nor too thin, and boast a soft, smooth feel. The only drawback? They’re less breathable than some of the other options on this list.

Editor's note: I own these sheets and swear by them. They never wrinkle, are super lightweight, and while they don't breathe quite as well as 100% cotton sheets, you can't beat the price.

According to a reviewer: "In short, I have become a microfiber sheet fan (if there is such a thing). The combination of low price, decent quality, and increasing softness justifies the praise these and other microfiber sheet sets are receiving.”

  • Available sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king, split king (deep pocket options available)
  • Available colors and patterns: 42


The Best Budget Pick

  • Amazon rating: 4.6 stars, 217,000+ reviews
  • Material: 100% Microfiber
  • Attributes: Soft, budget-friendly, range of colors and styles

What to know: When you're on a budget, but still need a quality set of sheets, it doesn't get much better (or more affordable) than this microfiber sheet set that boasts more than 240,000 reviews(!) and an overall 4.6-star rating. According to reviewers, the magic of them is that they're soft, lightweight, and warm enough in winter and cool enough in summer. They may be prone to pilling (reviewers recommend washing in cool water to prevent this), and a little less breathable, but they come in a wide range of styles that are hard to resist, like navy pinstripes, damask, and frosted lavender.

According to a reviewer: “These are great sheets ! Nothing fancy about them they just feel great and make a great bed partner. I plan on buying more!”

  • Available sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king
  • Available colors and patterns: 48


The Most Eco-Friendly Sheets

  • Amazon rating: 4.6 stars, 18,000+ reviews
  • Material: 100% Bamboo viscose fiber
  • Attributes: Soft, temperature-regulating, eco-friendly, high ratings

What to know: Sheets made from bamboo are an eco-friendly choice, as well as one that provides a naturally soft, breathable, and temperature-regulating fabric that works in warm weather and for hot sleepers. Even cooler than cotton, this set has earned an overall 4.6-star rating after more than 17,000 reviews, with buyers praising their cooling effect and silky soft feel.

According to a reviewer: "I had little faith that these would actually be cooling. But they are! My husband is a very hot sleeper and sweats with all the other "cooling" sheets. But these are cool and super soft."

  • Available sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king
  • Available colors: 8


The Best Cotton Sheets

  • Amazon rating: 4.4 stars, 4,000+ reviews
  • Material: 100% Cotton, percale weave
  • Attributes: Crisp, breathable, durable

What to know: These 100% cotton percale sheets are crisp and long-lasting. The benefit of cotton percale is that it produces a durable, even weave with minimal pilling — and it’s lightweight, to boot. Several reviewers rave that they have the feel of classic “grandma sheets,” and that they’re great for anyone who prefers sheets that “hover above your body rather than stick.”

According to a reviewer: “These are just right! For my husband and me, we love the crisp, cool feel of the Percale sheets and they last for many years with only weekly washing. What more could one ask for?!! This set is very nice. I took them out of the package, washed them and put them on our bed and it felt so wonderful climbing in on these sheets..... slept all night and woke feeling great.”

  • Available sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king
  • Available colors: 15


The Best Satin Sheets

  • Amazon rating: 4.3 stars, 12,500+ reviews
  • Material: 100% microfiber, satin weave
  • Attributes: Smooth texture, luxurious feel, affordable

What to know: If you want the feel of silk without the high price tag, these satin sheets are a great alternative. While the synthetic material won’t be quite as temperature-regulating as silk (they’ll trap a little more heat — not a bad thing in cooler weather), they do offer a similarly smooth texture and will be durable enough to stand up to frequent machine washing and drying.

According to a reviewer: “My wife and I love these sheets so much we are planning to buy 3 or 4 more sets in different colors, the price is out of this world cheap for the quality of the product, and yes we have washed them at least three times since using the first time and they have not lost their softness or silky smoothness.”

  • Available sizes: twin, full, queen, king, California king
  • Available colors: 16


The Best Flannel Set

  • Amazon rating: 4.6 stars, 8,500+ reviews
  • Material: Turkish cotton, double-brushed flannel
  • Attributes: Cozy feel, lightweight, warm, good for cold sleepers

What to know: It should be no surprise that our top pick from flannel sheets comes from a brand based out of Minnesota (who knows the cold better than Minnesotans?). These Turkish-cotton flannel sheets are double-brushed for extra softness and an ultra-cozy feel. Plus, they’re made with non-toxic dyes and chemicals and are gentle on sensitive skin.

According to a reviewer: “I LOVE these flannel sheets. The fit, the feel and the quality are all excellent. I know because I paid double for a set last year from a company that only sells high quality bedding. I can tell these are already superior in comfort alone. Durablity is still be determined....but seems to be a quality product. No way would I pay double again when I can get these! Not to mention split king sheets are not easy to find.”

  • Available sizes: twin, twin XL, full, full XL, queen, king, California king, split king, split California king
  • Available colors: 11


The Best Fleece Sheets

  • Amazon rating: 4.7 stars, 6,200+ reviews
  • Material: Fleece
  • Attributes: Plush, warm, soft, hypoallergenic, high ratings

What to know: Imagine surrounding yourself with a literal cloud of plush material as you sleep. Well, you can with these super soft and warm velvety plush sheets. This is another cozy set from the brand Bare (a small business based in Minnesota), and it’s a great option from anyone that wants a warm set of sheets but are allergic to flannel or wool. The fitted sheet stretches up to 17 inches, and — though they may look like a mystery to care for — they can be thrown right into the washing machine and dryer.

According to a reviewer: “Excellent quality fabric! Thicker than most fleece sheets, remains very plush & soft over time. Perfect fit and very cozy.”

  • Available sizes: twin, twin XL, full, full XL, queen, king. split king
  • Available colors: 7


The Best Jersey-Knit Sheets

  • Amazon rating: 4.7 stars, 11,200+ reviews
  • Material: 100% cotton, jersey knit
  • Attributes: Soft, stretchy, similar to T-shirt material, highly rated

What to know: If you want your bedding to feel like your favorite well-worn T-shirt, you can’t go wrong with these cotton jersey sheets that have earned an impressive 4.7-star overall rating after more than 11,000 reviews. Made from soft combed cotton, they strike the perfect balance between cool, breathable, and cozy, which might just make it a little more difficult to get out of bed in the morning. Plus, the heathered designs offer a casual aesthetic that doesn’t feel at all fussy.

According to a reviewer: “Completely in love with these sheets!! Exactly what I was hoping for. Super soft and snuggly without being too hot. I feel like I’m being wrapped in a super soft stretchy oversized tshirt.”

  • Available sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king
  • Available colors: 11


A Fun Printed Sheet Set

  • Amazon rating: 4.6 stars, 38,500+ reviews
  • Material: 100% cotton, sateen weave
  • Attributes: Fun styles, breathable, silky smooth, mid-weight but designed to keep you cool

What to know: This fun printed sheet set is made of 100% cotton in a sateen weave. The sateen weave gives these sheets a sheen and means they should be slightly softer than percale or plain-woven sheets. According to the manufacturer, these are mid-weight sheets but they are designed to regulate your temperature and keep you cool. And because the sheets are deep pocket (up to 16 inches), you can easily fit them over any mattress topper or thick mattress. That being said, the set comes in a bunch of fun prints and solid colors, from paisley to leopard print to the rainbow stripes pictured here.

According to a reviewer: “I am impressed, sheet set arrived nicely packaged. The sheets are well made, has a nice weight to them, sleeps smooth and cool and looks great in rainbow color. The added bonus is that the sheets are tagged for head/foot makes putting them on so much easier!”

  • Available sizes: twin, twin XL, full, short queen, king, California king, split king
  • Available colors and patterns: 30


The Best High Thread Count Sheets

  • Amazon rating: 4.2 stars, 20,700+ reviews
  • Material: 100% Egyptian cotton, sateen weave
  • Attributes: Soft, smooth, durable, breathable, dense weave

What to know: Sheets with a higher thread count are made with fine, thin threads that result in a smoother texture and upgraded durability, which means they won’t just feel good on your skin, but they’ll last for years too. For an even silkier feel, these Egyptian cotton sheets are made with luxurious long-staple cotton. Like the other cotton options on the list, they’ll be breathable to keep you comfortable through every season, but keep in mind that the dense thread count means they won’t be quite as lightweight.

According to a reviewer: “They are definitely the most luxurious sheets I've ever slept on. [...] They are heavy, perhaps the heaviest sheets I've ever owned, but that does not bother me in the least. We'll see how that comes into play in the summer, but for now they feel so soft and smooth I don't really care. In fact, I think that's an advantage.”

  • Available sizes: twin, full, queen, king, California king
  • Available colors: 23


The Best Linen Sheets For Hot Sleepers

  • Amazon rating: 4.3 stars, 300+ reviews
  • Material: 100% Belgian linen
  • Attributes: Cooling, durable, gets softer with washing

What to know: Crafted from 100% natural Belgian linen, these fresh and lightweight linen sheets hold up in the hottest temperatures and always feel cool and dry on your skin. The natural material is a luxurious, upmarket alternative to cotton and microfiber sheets, and this set is available in understated, stonewashed shades. The best part? They just get softer with each wash.

According to a reviewer: “I love the feel of these sheets. One wash and they are comfy and soft . They feel luxurious. The trim is subtle and adds a touch of class. I got both pink and white. They keep me cool in the summer and cozy in the winter.”

  • Available sizes: twin, full, queen, king
  • Available colors and patterns: 5


The Best Silk Sheets

  • Amazon rating: 4.2 stars, 230+ reviews
  • Material: 100% Mulberry silk
  • Attributes: Soft, smooth, temperature-regulating, luxurious feel

What to know: Made from Mulberry silk, these luxurious bed sheets boast an embroidered top sheet that gives them an even more regal feel. Plus, silk is naturally temperature-regulating, so they’ll stay cool all night, and the smooth texture means your skin will glide across the surface whenever you turn over. And while it’s technically recommended to wash silk by hand, you can easily get away with washing these in warm water on a gentle cycle. If you can invest in these incredible sheets, reviewers say you won't regret it.

According to a reviewer: “These sheets are like sleeping in a cloud. Absolutely fantastic and worth every penny. They are somewhat higher-maintenance than cotton sheets, but sinking into them at the end of a long day makes the world drift away [...] Bottom line: these are the most comfortable sheets I have ever slept in, and if you have an occasional budget for nice things, they are an experience like no other and well-worthy of your consideration.”

  • Available sizes: full, queen, king, California king
  • Available colors: 10