The Spiritual Meaning Of Angel Number 000, Explained

Consider it your blank slate.

by Kristine Fellizar
What is the meaning of angel number 000?
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Everyone comes across numbers throughout the day, from the time on the clock to your dry cleaning bill. Chances are, you probably don’t think twice about these numbers you see every day. That is until you start noticing the same sequence of numbers over and over again. According to some, seeing repeating numbers is just a coincidence. But if you’re in touch with your spiritual side, those numbers are often called angel numbers, and each sequence has a unique meaning. If you keep seeing the number 000, it’s worth paying attention because your guides have a message you need to hear.

As Charlotte Kirsten, angel numbers expert and astrologer, tells Bustle, angel number 000 is a number of true synchronicity and a “beautiful sign” from your angelic team that something big is coming for you on the horizon.

"Angel number 000 is the mother of all angel numbers,” Kirsten says. “It’s a true spiritual reset ... You might spot this number after a complete Tower moment; where everything you’ve ever known to be true crumbles and falls apart. It’s why 000 has long been deemed the ‘end of matter.’”

Despite the general meaning of angel number 000, there’s no real need to be alarmed. According to Kirsten, it’s still a “highly auspicious and fortunate” sequence of numbers to spot. Here’s a deeper look into 000.

What Is The Spiritual Meaning Of 000 In Numerology?

Whenever you see the number 000, or any sequence of numbers with multiple 0s, it’s a great time to reflect on your visions, wishes, and desires. “Angel number 000 invites us to explore our wildest, loftiest goals and actually set the stage to go after them,” Kirsten says. “Because ‘0’ is tripled in this sequence, its message and energy is amplified.”

Some questions you can reflect on include: Am I taking actions that will move put me in the right direction? Am I moving with faith and belief in myself? Am I ready to take on new challenges?

If you answer “no” to any of those questions, you may need to figure out what needs to happen for you to be ready for something new. The number 000 also represents a spiritual continuity of the beginning, middle, and end. It encourages you to get closer to the “creator,” whether you believe that’s God, the Higher Self, the Universe, or something else. “It calls us to go through a deep spiritual awakening, reconnect with our intrinsic core values, and release the thoughts and beliefs that no longer fit our path forward,” Kirsten says.

Angel Number 000 Meaning In Everyday Life

When it comes to your everyday life, angel number 000 is a great one to see. According to Kirsten, it’s “loaded with divine wisdom, guidance, and copious opportunity.” Since zero symbolizes the beginning, 000 represents some major changes on the horizon.

“This is the kind of change that allows for bright new beginnings and new chapters to open up,” Kirsten says. “It sweeps in to shake up your life and leaves it completely unrecognizable… in the best possible way.”

For example, you may suddenly decide you don’t want to renew your lease this year so you can finally move to a new place after five years. You might get an acceptance letter to a graduate program you’ve worked hard to get into so you can finally take the next steps toward achieving your lifelong dream. Although these changes may seem scary at first, the number 000 is a message that you’re going to be OK. Anything you decide now will only lead to better things for your life.

Angel Number 000 Meaning In Work & Career

Angel numbers may appear in your life when you’re feeling stuck, struggling to make a decision, or in need of guidance. “When you see 000 and you connect it to what you were thinking about right before seeing the number, you can guarantee you're being supported on the idea you had in mind,” Licia Morelli, clairvoyant psychic and angel numbers expert, tells Bustle. “You're being held to start a new phase of what you were thinking about.”

If you’ve been bored with your job for some time and the number 000 catches your attention, it may be time to start looking for a new job or make the career change you’ve been wanting to make. It’s the right time to end one chapter of your life and start another. The universe has your back.

Angel Number 000 Meaning In Love

If you’re in a relationship but it’s not making you happy, 000 may be a sign to start fresh. That could be with your current partner or with someone new. If you’re single and want to be in a relationship but dating has been a struggle, the angel number 000 is your sign to stay positive and hang in there. You may meet someone new who’s worthy of committing to soon.

While you’re waiting to cross paths with that special someone, it’s not a bad idea to take a step a step back and reassess your situation. Get clear on what you want so you can have the relationship that’s right for you. The angel number 000 is also connected to the Void-of-Course Moon, which is when the moon is in its final major aspect of one sign before moving to the other. According to Morelli, it’s a good time to “pause, connect, and make a plan to take action on your desires.”

What To Do If You See 000 Repeatedly

If you keep seeing the number 000, there are a couple of things you may want to do. One is to get clear on what you want for your life and work through past trauma or limiting beliefs. “Ask yourself, ‘What has hindered me from moving forward?’” Kirsten says. “Self-doubt, perfectionism, and self-sabotage are all contenders here. Doing shadow work, going to therapy, or even establishing a simple self-care routine could help with this process.” That way, you can have a clear head space to move forward in a positive direction.

Once you’re ready to tackle some big new changes, don’t be afraid to take a leap of faith and do what feels right to you. “Lean into that subtle nudge and don't be so hard on yourself,” Kirsten says. “Even if things have fallen apart recently, 000 encourages you to view past 'failures' as gentle course correctors.”


Charlotte Kirsten, angel numbers expert and astrologer

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