These Clever Things On Amazon Make Your Clothes Look Nicer On You

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by Nicole Zane

Do you ever look at celebrity outfits on social media and think, “How the heck does that look so polished and fit her so well?” The short answer is that it’s probably brand-new and tailored to perfection — yes, even those crisp white T-shirts — but if you don’t have the budget to blow on custom-fitting every single garment you buy to your body, here’s the next-best solution: I found these clever things on Amazon that’ll make your old clothes look nicer in a blink of an eye.

The #1 fashion game-changer that doesn’t cost a lot of dough? Get yourself a portable steamer: it’ll become your new best friend on busy mornings, I promise. I’ve also included cult-favorite seamless underwear that’ll disappear under clothes, brilliant stain removers, more than a few bra strap hacks, and other smart products you didn’t know you needed. Shop ahead.


A Palm-Sized Sweater Shaver That Removes Every Fuzz Ball

Lint, pills, and fuzz be gone! Sothing’s rechargeable lint remover is here to save your old clothes in a blink of the eye. Made with six rustproof stainless steel blades and three different mesh screen sizes (translation: it’s about to pick up all sorts of debris) this thing is extremely compact and, as a result, travel-friendly. Use it on worn-out wool sweaters, cotton tees, bedding, and even furniture — especially if your fuzzy pet friends shed. “Simple to use. My four year old did it for me. Our 10 year old sectional looks brand new,” one shopper noted. Charge it back up in 90 minutes with the included USB cord.

  • Available colors: 2


The Luxe Velvet Hangers That Eliminate Shoulder Bumps

If you’re always finding your favorite blouse or dress on the ground of your closet, here’s an easy solution for you: MIZGI premium velvet hangers. Not only will your clothes stay put, but there is a 360-swivel chrome hook, dedicated space for spaghetti straps, and a contoured shape that won’t cause shoulder bumps in your clothes. Sounds pretty deluxe, no? “They are sturdy, not too challenging to use and hold all but the absolute heaviest of coats,” one shopper remarked.

  • Available sizes: 30 — 50 pieces
  • Available colors: 14


Some Game-Changing Sponges That Remove Pesky Deodorant Stains

There is nothing worse than getting deodorant stains on your shirt just before you’re supposed to run out the door. Luckily, Bath Accessories’s deodorant be-gone remover sponges exist for that very predicament. “I don't know how come it works so well. I tried it on a very old t-shirt that I stopped wearing because of the white deodorant stains. Now the stains are gone,” one shopper was thrilled to confirm. Simply swipe over clothes, and you’re good to go.


Tiny Magnetic Pins That Are Gentle Enough For Silk

Whether you wear a hijab or need to pin a silk scarf, Essence Hijab’s magnetic pins have got you covered — without ruining, ripping, or tearing delicate fabric. (They also work wonders if you need to close up a low-cut blouse, too.) Available in six assorted color combinations and quantities, you have plenty of options to pick the version that matches your aesthetic to a tee. “Huge life changer for me. No more sharp pins laying around to step on, the ease and strength of the magnets is unmatched,” one customer revealed.

  • Available colors: 6


A Modular Board That Folds Shirts Perfectly Every Single Time

If folding laundry is one of your most-dreaded chores, get yourself BoxLegend’s shirt folding board. And yes, it’ll whip your dresses, trousers, shorts, pajamas, T-shirts, and towels into just the right size and shape for drawers or shelves. It’s a hit among Amazon shoppers, boasting a 4.6-star average after of 20,000 ratings. Scroll through the reviews and you’ll see raves like “this folding board is my new best friend,” with shoppers declaring that they “truly love this thing.”

  • Available colors: 2


The Eco-Friendly Mini Lint Roller You’ll Bring Everywhere

Flint’s retractable lint roller is the ideal little thing to leave in your dresser drawer, glove department, or gym locker. (To say nothing about how easy it is to pack in a suitcase for trips abroad or weekends away.) It’s also refillable and contains 30 easy-to-tear sheets that are made with recycled paper and extra-sticky to boot. “This roller is the best lint remover I've ever had. My boyfriend used it once and was amazed at how much more this small roller can pickup compared to the larger ones easily found in other stores,” one reviewer stated.

  • Available colors: 8


A Trendy Oversized Shirt Extender To Wear With All Your Leggings

Syhood’s shirt extender is the clothing hack you didn’t know you needed. Here’s why: It’s a must-have piece to throw on over leggings for extra coverage without bulk, or if you want to go pantless and turn your top into a dress. Crafted with a chiffon-like fabric that’s super breathable, it has an elasticized waistline that won’t dig into your stomach and has a high-low shirttail hemline. “I love wearing leggings but know I need to be more conservative as a teacher. These extenders are perfect for the job,” one shopper noted.

  • Available sizes: Small — 3X
  • Available colors: 8


Sneaker Sole Erasers That’ll Make Your Most-Loved Kicks Look New

Scuff marks and street stains, begone! This SneakERASERS instant sole and sneaker cleaner will make dirty pairs look crisp again. Just wet these to activate their cleaning powers and buff away. They’re reusable, pocket-sized, and contain 10 in one $12 pack. “I generally use Magic Erasers on my sneaks but wanted to try something a bit different to see if it cleaned any better so I got these although, a bit skeptical. I STAND CORRECTED! I could not believe the difference,” one shopper raved.


A Crease Release Spray To Eliminate Wrinkles In A Flash

No iron or steamer in sight? The Laundress’ Crease Release spray is a simple solution for wrinkled outfits on the go. (It also works well on curtains and sheets.) On top of that, it scents fabric with a heavenly blend of florals, sweet musk, sandalwood, and citrus. “I don’t know how this works or why it works, but it works!!! Very convenient when traveling (especially to formal events like a wedding),” one shopper affirmed.


These Grab-And-Go Ring Clips For Scarves, T-Shirts, & More

There are so many uses for these ATCYMI ring clips. My favorite way to style them? Instead of knotting my cotton shirts to make a crop top, I’ll hook one of these buckles on — and presto! My high-waisted bottoms are thrilled. “I have an oversized shirt and found that tying a knot around the waist to be challenging. Knot never stays in place as shirt material is thick. The ring clip was a good solution,” one shopper agreed. You get five sleek metal tones in one pack, so you can mix and match depending on your ensemble that day.


Non-Toxic Wipes That Erase Stains Without Harsh Chemicals

If your kiddos are constantly making messes or you’re just a little clumsy, then Hate Stains Co.’s stain remover packs are a must-have for your life. Keep them at the ready in your handbag and you can treat any stain at a moment’s notice on clothes, bibs, carpets, car interiors, furniture, upholstery — you get the picture. Just blot the biodegradable formula on the offending mark and watch the toughest stains disappear. “Seriously the best for getting out easy and every stain. Has gotten out blueberry, blackberry, beets and everything in between,” one shopper confirmed.


A Bra Extender That Adapts To Backless Styles

Why purchase an entirely new bra for your new backless party dress? I’ll answer that for you: Don’t. Instead, just buy Maidenform’s low back bra converter so you can wear your tried-and-true bra without the hassle of a single-use undergarment. Just attach it to the standard hook-and-eye closure and adjust it around your waist. “I use this for my wedding instead of buying a bridal corset because the back of my dress was very low. This did an amazing job with just a strapless bra. So many compliments on how well the dress looked,” one customer stated in the reviews.


This Iron-On Adhesive For No-Sew Hem Jobs

If you need a last-minute fix — and it’s too late to shlep to the tailor — then iron-on fabric tape is a reliable bet. This stuff is double-sided and permanently alters sleeves or hemlines in addition to heavyweight home decor like curtains. Use it on thick cotton, denim, suede, wool, or even corduroy. “It worked so well, it was quick too! Just place where you need the hem, then fold and iron! I used on this beautiful maxi dress. It was way too long and it was a easy fix with the tape. It saved me $20+ not having to take to the cleaners,” one DIY fan gushed.


A Convertible Camisole To Layer Invisibly

You might be wondering, how does this Yummie camisole make clothes look better? Look to the silky fabric for answers: It’s cut from a sculpting blend of Tencel lyocell, viscose, nylon, and spandex that lies smoothly under tops, with a compression panel for core support. Not only that, the back straps are convertible and adjustable, meaning you can wear it straight or as a racerback depending on your wardrobe needs.

  • Available sizes: Small-Medium — 2X-3X
  • Available colors: 6


The Travel-Friendly Steamer You Won’t Want To Live Without

Compact enough to pack away in your luggage yet stylish enough to whip out at home, isteam’s clothes steamer is a champion choice for delicate wrinkled duds. This gadget won’t leak or splatter even if you tip it over, and heats up in 25 seconds to power ten minutes of steam. You can even use it on drapes and bedding. My absolute favorite hue is this pink rendition, but there are also green and blue options available. One shopper wrote that it “works like magic,” while another swore that “this tiny but powerful steamer is out of the space age.”

  • Available colors: 5


Shoe Crease Protectors To Preserve Your Favorite Footwear

Did you dish out some serious dough for a designer shoe, only to have them to crease after a few wears? Yikes. Prevent that kind of disappointment in the future with Vsonker’s shoe crease protectors for just $10. They can be cut to fit, with 24 ventilation holes that’ll keep your kicks dry and breathable even in humid climates. “These things are great. They’ve kept my dunks from creasing on several occasions,” one shopper commented, adding that “They’re a must have for any sneakerhead.”

  • Available colors: 5


Faux Camisoles That’ll Fill In A Plunging Neckline

Is your favorite top too low-cut for certain occasions? Just slip a Cami Secret clip-on mock camisole underneath and that’s that. Each $18 box includes three easily-attachable bibs — black, white and beige — and will replace any bulky tanks you’re currently wearing underneath for modesty. “These little fake cami’s make my tops appropriate for the office so for that reason it gets two thumbs up,” one shopper pointed out. Another agreed, writing “these work wonders and make clothing look less provocative at work.”


A Buckle-Free Belt That Solves A Host Of Wardrobe Malfunctions

Belts really elevate an outfit, but they can also hurt — big time. That’s why WERFORU’s no-buckle stretch belt is the answer for cinching waistbands without pain. Available in both men’s and women’s sizes, this elasticized accessory has an interlocking clasp that snatches in a baggy silhouette and can be threaded through belt loops. Plus, it has a cowhide leather snap detail at the center that’s both expensive-looking and durable. Notice how the thick metal bar at the back is adjustable, too. “This is an awesome idea for a belt,” one shopper wrote. “I always dislike how a belt buckle makes my waist look bigger. This solves that issue. Also, an added bonus, no undoing a belt when going to the bathroom!”

  • Available sizes: 23 — 50 inches
  • Available colors: 22


Disposable Sweat Pads For A Summertime Game-Changer

There’s is nothing more anxiety-inducing than looking down and seeing underarm sweat stains (or yellow marks on white shirts). Luckily, Sirona’s disposable underarm sweat pads exist — and they can be yours for just $13. They stick onto any dress or blouse and can be disposed of at the end of the day without damage. They’re invisible and help you stay fresh in warm weather. Sold yet? “Using the sweat pads, not only saves you from the embarrassing sweat marks, but also protects your expensive clothes,” as one shopper explained.


A High-Stretch Strap To Wrangle Bras

Having your bra straps peek through racerback styles is such an outfit downer — but there’s a simple fix. Say hello to Maidenform’s elastic bra strap holder. Fabricated from a flexible yet durable nylon and elastane blend, this handy doo-dad comes in black, beige, and white. Not only does it convert your T-shirt bra into a racerback, but it also offers shoulder relief and extra lift in the process. It’s a win-win — especially for narrow-shouldered shoppers like this reviewer: “Well....surprise. my bra straps no longer fall off my shoulders!!! I love these!! I will never go out of the house without. AMAZING.”


A Stain Remover That Even Works On Sharpies

If you’re ready to throw a Hail Mary at the toughest stain you have, Amodex Product Inc’s 104 ink and stain remover gets the job done against all odds. Old ballpoint pen marks, red wine spills from months ago, grass stains, period blood, greasy salad dressing — this stuff works. Whatever you do, though, don’t wet the stain before applying. Just shake the bottle thoroughly, place a paper towel below the stain to avoid any transfer, and then blot in well or apply with a toothbrush before washing for best results. One reviewer wrote “this stuff saved a $3,000 leather couch! I'm ecstatic,” while another fan requested “a moment to pick my jaw up off the floor, please, because oh my god, THIS STUFF *WORKS!!!*”


Shoe Cleaner Wipes To Remove Scuffs And Dirt Buildup In Seconds

I recommend leaving these CleanKicks shoe cleaner wipes either by your front door or in the car, so you can have fresh boots, sneakers, and sandals in the morning no matter what. These textured wet wipes remove dirt and grime from every material under the sun — including suede, leather, nubuck, and even rubber. “These wipes have just enough texture to rub surface dirt away, and, more importantly, are very effective for cleaning the surfaces and underneath the seams. I look forward to using these on other shoes and purses, and will buy them again when I run out,” one customer revealed.


Collar Extenders For Extra Breathing Room In Button-Downs

Too-tight collared shirts are truly hell on earth. EXK’s collar extenders are the way to go if you have to wear an uncomfortable button-down for long periods of time. Just attached the springy loop around the top buttons for some much-needed breathing room. You can even string a couple together, since you get 12 in one $8 pack. “My husband's top button on his dress shirts became too tight to wear comfortably. With these extenders, his shirts are now comfortable and no one would know anything different because he wears a tie that covers them,” one shopper noted. They also work on arm cuffs, too.


These Intricate Metal Clips Add Pizazz To Sweaters & Shawls

Available in five styles that are all equally gorgeous, these Jetec shawl clips will create shape on an open-front cardigan or blazer. Not to mention, they add a dose of vintage glamour to any basic piece in your wardrobe. Not only are they decorative but they're also functional, too. Case in point: “So I've been looking for these in hopes it would work to pull in the waistline of shirts and dresses without having them altered. Works perfectly,” one shopper revealed.


Tiny Detachable Buttons That Cinch A Low Neckline

Another cleavage-baring blouse hack? Trenton Gift’s cover-up buttons do the trick in the modesty department. “These dress pins are a must have. So many times, plunging necklines, go just too low, so this little item is a great remedy for that,” one shopper commented. Another plus? They come in a faux pearl, diamond, and black stones that add understated sparkle.


Cult-Favorite Clips That Transform Any Bra Into A Racerback

These Razor Clips are yet another fabulous way of hiding your bra straps and transforming your traditional-style bra into a racerback. They’re sturdier than the Maidenform elastic strap and pull bra straps in much more, too. “Who would have thought how a little piece could do so much?! These can, at first look, be confusing. But I promise, that they are easy to use and work with a variety of bras. Once on and in position, they help your breasts feel more supported and give a little extra cleavage.” Choose between seven pack options that offer multiple colorways.

  • Available colors: 7


Seamless Bike Shorts To Wear Under Skirts And Dresses

Avoid an unwanted “Marilyn moment” with these BESTENA slip shorts. Constructed from an ultra-smoothing blend of nylon and spandex, layer these lightweight shorties underneath dresses and even jeans — or rock them solo with a baggy T-shirt like Billie Eilish. Either way, you’ll avoid uncomfortable thigh friction, and they’re designed to keep you dry. “One of my biggest concerns with slip shorts was that they would roll down anytime I sat down. These are great in that they stay in place and i'm not constantly readjusting,” one customer added.

  • Available sizes: Small — 3X
  • Available colors: 3


Durable Boot Shapers In Multiple Lengths

Suitable for boots of all shapes and sizes, Ruisita’s boot shapers are the real deal to keep your fancy pairs from wrinkling over time. Made from durable PVC, slip these into your ankle booties or thigh-high pairss — just make sure you choose the correct size before checking out. “Perfect for everything from standard cowboy boots to stiff leather Fryes and floppy suede Stuart Weitzmans,” one fan declared. “Pro-tip: for floppy over-the-knee boots, use two pairs. One all the way down in the bottom and one half-way up,” they suggested.

  • Available sizes: 10 — 16 inches
  • Available colors: 2


Waistband Tighteners That Ditch The Belt Altogether

Whether you’ve lost a little weight or desperately need to fix a new pair of pants, Skinny Clip’s waistband tightener is a godsend and a half. Wondering how you use these little gizmos? Just slide one onto your waistband, twist as needed, and then hook. It’s that easy, and you can tighten up to five inches. Peek through the reviews and you’ll see raves left and right. “Whoever came up with this concept is a genius,” one shopper swore, while another added that they were “great value for the money and no sewing!”


Invisible Underwear With Laser-Cut Edges

ROSYCORAL’s seamless bikini panties promise the invisible coverage of a thong with the comfort of your go-to briefs. They have a full-coverage silhouette with a V-cut front, high-cut legs, and a bit of cheekiness in the back. Not to mention, they’re fabricated from a no-show nylon-stretch material that feels like second skin. One customer swore they were “hands down the most comfortable underwear I’ve ever worn” and another echoed that “these are so freaking soft!”

  • Available sizes: X-Small — Large
  • Available colors: 5


This Best-Selling Shoe Protector Spray That Repels Stains

The first thing you should do when you buy new shoes? Spray them with Crep Protect’s shoe protector. The super-hydrophobic spray creates an invisible coating which repels any liquid (whether it’s rain, snow, or a drink) and prevents stains from occurring. Just wait 10 minutes before you wear your footwear after spritzing. “I wear my boots in Iceland and it survived both ice and rainy days,” one shopper reported.


A Waistband Extender That Transforms Pants Into Maternity Wear

No need to replace your entire wardrobe when you’re expecting a little one: Fertile Mind’s belly belt combo is the answer to wearing your favorite bottoms throughout the early stages of pregnancy. Each kit contains four belts of varying sizes along with three fabric panels that cover the zipper gap. To use, just attach one to the fly of your jeans, trousers, skirts, or shorts for coverage with extra room to breathe. You can toss it into the wash with the rest of your laundry after a few uses to keep things fresh. Done and done.


This Moisture-Wicking T-Shirt Bra With A Weightless Wireless Construction

If you’re constantly battling bra lines under clothes, then Bali’s wireless T-shirt bra is probably a big yes for you. The sleek pullover style feels barely-there thanks to flat, fused edges (yep, this thing truly disappears under clothing) and its cooling nylon-spandex fabric feels comfortable on the skin. As for support, expect two-ply cups with removable foam inserts along with targeted zones for additional shaping. One shopper went so far as to write that “this bra is like wearing nothing at all.”

  • Available sizes: X-Small — 3X
  • Available colors: 22


A Hack To Remove That Pesky Booty Gap — No Belt Required

If your waist is much smaller than your hips, you probably find yourself reaching for a belt or heading to your local tailor more often than not to disguise that gap at the back of your waistband. Not anymore: Hollywood Fashion Secrets's Hip Hugger hack is the ultimate style secret. The two “suspender” closures attach to each side of your belt loops for a flawless fit every single time. “Been wearing this almost daily for years! No gap in the back of jeans or pants and no uncomfortable belt in the front to deal with. Winner idea,” one reviewer gushed.

  • Available colors: 2


Double-Sided Fashion Tape: The Ultimate Must-Have For Any Wardrobe

If you’re a trendy dresser, then you’re probably rocking intricate hemlines and necklines on a regular basis. An essential for your arsenal is Fearless Tape’s doubled-sided clothing tape. The skin-safe adhesive won’t cause irritation when applied directly to your body and will hold your ‘fits in place all day or night. “I needed to keep a skimpy romper on me without ‘popping out’. I was able to dance 7 hours at a festival without any problem thanks to this,” one shopper remarked.