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Coastal Granddaughter Is The Latest Summer Aesthetic Going Viral

Let’s hear it for the new generation.

It wasn’t too long ago that the world was first introduced to the coastal grandmother aesthetic, a cardigan-clad, white wine-in-hand lifestyle that was properly informed by every Nancy Meyers movie ever. While yes, coastal grandmother took the TikTok community by storm and set the standard for summer vision boards everywhere, the trend now has a twenty-something grand baby visiting for the season — and her name is coastal granddaughter.

Initially called “coastal chic,” coastal granddaughter is essentially the more “untucked” version of coastal grandmother, according to TikTok user @carlyvandyke_ who popularized the term. In her April 7 TikTok video, she listed the subtle differences between the two, noting funky floral patterns and pastel color combinations as some of the key coastal granddaughter characteristics. Van Dyke’s TikTok page is also now the *premium* go-to guide for all things coastal granddaughter, including style guides, Amazon finds, and various types of coastal granddaughters (think Joey from Dawson’s Creek to start).

The hashtag #CoastalGranddaughter currently sits at a comfy 15.2 million views on TikTok and has naturally taken on a life of its own with users from inarguably non-coastal cities posting their daily coastal granddaughter-inspired outfits and styling ideas. What this means, reader, is that just like its predecessor, the coastal granddaughter aesthetic can be recreated anywhere and still pass the vibe check. Beach house and sunsets on the boat welcome, but not required. Here’s how to usher in the new era:

Some pro tips from the trendsetter herself include wearing oversized button down shirts for a relaxed, laidback look as opposed to a perfectly crisp and put-together ensemble. Just be sure to keep buttons to a minimum with a bralette peeking through and some breathable shorts to match. Patterned bucket hats and Hanes crewneck sweatshirts are another telltale sign of coastal granddaughter wear.

Raise your hand if you, too, were transported to a seaside wonderland after watching this video. As per TikTok user @madisonvdt’s vision board, the coastal granddaughter shopping list includes thick-knit sweaters for summer evenings, flowy midi skirts, and maxi dresses to be worn on their own or layered with your favorite cardigan.

On the entertainment side, there are a few movies and TV shows that pass the coastal granddaughter essence test. Honorable mentions are The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants, Gilmore Girls, and The Summer I Turned Prettyall of which carry the feel of either summertime, New England preppy energy, and/or themes of teenagerhood.

If you liked the coastal grandmother trend but are looking for something a bit more relaxed and infused with a pattern or two, coastal granddaughter might be just the aesthetic for you. Remember that you can always alternate between the two, depending on occasion. Think going from bikini tops and iced tea in the afternoon to chardonnay and turtlenecks at night for the most picturesque summer of summers. You’re welcome.