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The "Dating Wrapped" Movement On TikTok Will Entertain You For Hours

You weren't the only one who got ghosted/catfished/the ick.

TikTok's "2022 Dating Wrapped" trend is endlessly entertaining.
TikTok/@amberwavesofbrain; Tiktok/@danniedupone

If you’ve logged onto any form of social media in the past few weeks, then you’re definitely aware of Spotify “Wrapped” — the streaming platform’s way of culminating each user’s individual listening habits into an über-shareable and eye-catching playlist. Whether you’re too embarrassed to post yours because your top-played song of 2022 was “10 Hours Rain Sound” or you’re sick and tired of seeing every Swiftie posting that they were in the top .05% of her Spotify listeners, there’s no denying that the holiday season isn’t truly here until your Wrapped comes out. That being said, thousands of TikTok creators have come up with a “Wrapped” of a different sort: their 2022 “Dating Wrapped.”

The Dating Wrapped TikTok trend follows Spotify’s same idea, but with a hilarious twist. In these videos, the user records themselves flipping through a homemade PowerPoint presentation with all the facts and figures you’d ever want to know about their dating and sex lives in 2022. Many of these posts include things like the zodiac signs, height, and even the dateability versus hotness of the people that the creator had either dated or hooked up with at any point during the year.

With a quick scroll through the hashtag #datingwrapped on the app, which currently has over 23.3 million views, you can see that these TikTokers have taken the EOY roundups to new heights. There are queer creators who have made hysterical slideshows with all the details on their multi-night sleepovers, and others who totaled how much money they spent [read: wasted] on their numerous failed first dates of 2022. User @samsarebetter shared that “bring on the trauma” was the theme of her year in dating, thanks to one catfish encounter, some ghosting action, and a case of the ick.

While it’s hard to say who was the first TikTok user to start the trend, creator @amberwavesofbrain posted one of the earliest “dating wrapped” videos on Dec. 4th. Her video features some hilarious pie charts and bar graphs detailing things like where she met her dates, how many dates they went on, and the setting or activity for each hangout. “Have I learned anything here? Probably not,” she shared in the last slide of her PowerPoint.

If you want to get in on the trend, the process is simple. You can use something like Microsoft PowerPoint or even Canva to create a slideshow presentation of whatever you want to share about your romantic or sexual escapades of 2022. Throw in some fun graphics to add personality, and don’t forget the pie charts, bar graphs, and other elements to visually represent exactly how many people left you on read. No one will even care that you unironically listened to 80 hours of Nickelback this year once they watch you explain why you dated six Geminis in a row. Better luck next year.