TikTok’s Healing Girl Summer Is The Self-Reflection Holiday You Need

Retire your frantic schedule and make time to work on yourself.

Healing Girl Summer: Stock image of a woman journaling
Getty Images/Maskot

Content warning: this article contains reference to eating disorders

Struggling to maintain any sense of calm, collected decorum in this current UK heatwave? You’re not alone. While everyone on the ‘gram seems to be having a lovely time sipping on Aperol spritz in scenic beachside locations, TikTok has jumped on a new trend they’ve branded Healing Girl Summer. It’s sort of like the premise of Hot Girl Summer (and the more recent Feral Girl Summer) but with a wholesome twist. Think less erratic Tinder swiping — though there’s nothing wrong with that, it must be said — and more quartz crystals and self-reflection.

As reported by The New York Times, TikTok’er Helena Honey Selassie was an early adopter of the phrase last year, after she set out to become “an overall healthier version of myself” as she recovered from an eating disorder. When a user commented that Selassie was living her hot girl summer, the term didn’t resonate. “I felt like my summer needed self-care, learning to love myself and unlearning behaviours that were causing me stress and anxiety,” she told the publication. “I said: ‘No, it’s a Healing Girl Summer,’ and it kind of stuck.”

“Hot Girl Summer is about feeling confident in who you are and looking good while doing it,” she added. “Healing Girl Summer is all about learning to love yourself and eventually love someone else, even after you’ve been hurt. I’m dedicating the entire summer to healing myself.”

The popular hashtag now has 73.5 million views, with viewers discussing everything from reflection journaling and reconnecting with old friends to reading new books and exploring the outdoors. In other words, Healing Girl Summer is all about prioritising yourself above rushing into new relationships, and tapping into the relaxing pastimes that give you time to take some space to reflect. After a gruelling few months of tinnies in the park, we’ll raise a bottle of kombucha to that.