Trader Joe's Newest Dip Proves Yet Again That Cauliflower Can Be Turned Into Anything

We're drooling.

by Mia Mercado

If you can dream it, you can do it as long as you are cauliflower. Just last week, Trader Joe’s new Creamy Cauliflower Jalapeño Dip hit shelves further pushing the cauliflower agenda. (An agenda which I wholeheartedly support.) If you weren’t already on board with the cauliflower craze, perhaps this latest dip will convince you.

Trader Joe’s Creamy Cauliflower Jalapeño Dip combines cream cheese, light cream, ricotta, parmesan, jalapeño, and, of course, cauliflower into a creamy dip. It’s perfect for snacking. It’s ideal for an appetizer. You can eat it straight from the fridge or warmed up in an oven-safe skillet to get a golden brown cheesy crust. Eat it atop a cracker, with your favorite chips, accompanied by some veggies, by the spoonful when no one’s looking. There is truly no wrong way to dip.

Each 10-ounce tub of Creamy Cauliflower Jalapeño Dip goes for $3.49. You can find it in Trader Joe’s deli aisle alongside other dip delicacies like the Everything But The Bagel dip, Truffle Dip, and my personal favorite the garlic dip. Dip-centric meals are one of the purest joys in life, and Trader Joe’s new Creamy Cauliflower Jalapeño Dip is a welcome addition to the dip menu.

This latest cauliflower creation joins the ranks of the wide array of Trader Joe’s cauliflower products. Products that have proved cauliflower can be bread. They’ve shown that cauliflower can be pizza crust. They’ve made clear the fact that cauliflower can be gnocchi, gratin, and yes, even dessert. Again, if you aren’t aboard the cauliflower train, it doesn’t appear to be leaving anytime soon so might as well hop on board.

Just not a big fan of how cauliflower tastes? I hear you. Raw cauliflower smells like an illegal combination of diapers and sadness. Plain cooked cauliflower has a texture that can best be described as a little underwhelming. BUT! When you cook cauliflower correctly, combining it with other ingredients, it transforms into... well, just about anything. Like tofu, cauliflower can take on the flavor of whatever you combine it with. It can mimic a mac and cheese. It can become buffalo wings. At the very least, you can throw your cauliflower into a food processor to make cauliflower rice.

Science has yet to find a food that can’t be cauliflower-ed. (...Probably. I’m not a food scientist.) Trader Joe’s latest Creamy Cauliflower Jalapeño Dip is another cauliflower success. And listen, if Oprah isn’t too good for cauliflower-based products, neither are any of us.