45 Trader Joe's Pumpkin & Fall-Themed Products For Every Occasion

So. Many. Options.

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We are living in peak pumpkin spice times. If you need evidence of that, look no further than Trader Joe’s pumpkin and fall-themed products. There is a pumpkin product for most every occasion.

In addition to sweets and treats you’d expect — your pumpkin bread, your pumpkin muffin mix, your pumpkin pancake — Trader Joe’s has delved deep into the savory pumpkin spice game, coming out with everything from pumpkin ravioli to pumpkin pasta sauce to even pumpkin samosas. Have you come to expect anything less from Trader Joe’s?

In a recent episode of the Inside Trader Joe’s podcast, Trader Joe’s gurus (read: marketing directors) shared some of the new fall flavors you can expect to see in your local Trader Joe’s aisles. The aforementioned pumpkin samosas were among those highly-anticipated fall foods. Additionally, they shared some autumnal treats you may be able to find in a fall season to come. “We are working on a recipe right now, internally, for a Vegetarian Spicy Pumpkin Curry Pot Pie,” Inside Trader Joe’s podcast co-host Tara Miller shared. Unfortunately, the pot pie is not quite ready to make its debut quite yet.

But fear not: you have plenty of fall foods to enjoy in the meantime. Here are 45 pumpkin and fall-themed products you can buy at Trader Joe’s.

In what is arguably the most horrifying ways to celebrate pumpkin spice season, Trader Joe's released these Pumpkin Spice Biocellulose Face Masks last year. For $2.99, your face can be soft, smooth, and autumnal-smelling. However, because these are a limited-edition product, you may have to do a little hunting to find one. Or snag one from eBay.

Shared by Instagram foodie @TraderJoesList, this granola bark combines pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate, and pumpkin spice flavored granola.

Get ready for your french toast to turn autumnal.

A welcome companion to the Butternut Squash Ravioli, you can pair this pumpkin ravioli with your favorite fall sauce or a drizzle of olive oil.

Instagram foodie account @TraderJoesGeek spotted the Turkey Pumpkin Mole Burrito at their local Trader Joe's. The burrito, which includes white turkey meat, savory pumpkin mole sauce, cilantro rice, black beans, Monterey jack cheese, and roasted sweet potatoes, was also mentioned in a recent episode of the Inside Trader Joe’s podcast. Check the ready-to-eat refrigerated section if you're looking to give this a try.

These Spaghetti Squash Spirals come with their own tomato-based sauce, which includes butternut squash, pumpkin, Parmesan cheese, and seasonal spices like thyme and rosemary.

Did you know that tortilla chips shaped like leaves exist? Well, they do, and they are, of course, available at Trader Joe's.

Oat milk lovers, rejoice! You too can participate in the fall-flavored celebration.

The blondie and pumpkin spice dessert mashup of your dreams.

Last year, Trader Joe's released a Vanilla Pumpkin candle which smelled like a pumpkin patch in the middle of a Bath and Body Works. This Honeycrisp Apple candle is its apple orchard brethren.

Is it bread? Is it cake? Is it topped with icing and crumbly streusel? The answer to all three is yes.

If you have butter, eggs, water, and this Pumpkin Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Cookie Mix, you have a tray of fall cookies waiting to happen.

You may need to do a little digging to find these apple cider donuts as they're a limited-edition product, but it will be worth it.

Available in both original and gluten-free, you can start your mornings as the Autumnal Carb Gods intended: with a pumpkin bagel.

Trader Joe's has its own version of the OG fall drink. Have it cold. Warm it up. Pour some rum in there. To each their own cider.

This non-alcoholic brew tastes like a bubbly mulled apple cider flavored with ginger purée and pumpkin pie spice. Add it to your favorite fall cocktail or sip it on its own.

The only thing better than a cinnamon roll is a pumpkin and cinnamon roll. No further questions.

Of course, Trader Joe's has its own version of a pumpkin beer, and of course it's called Howling Gourds. Would you expect anything less from Trader "Can we put pumpkin in that?" Joe's?

Comfort food meets fall flavors with this Butternut squash Mac and Cheese. It's best paired with pumpkin beer and some Hocus Pocus.

These sweet Pumpkin Empanadas flavored with cinnamon, cloves, allspice, and ginger are the pumpkin spice dessert you didn't know you needed.

I know what you're thinking: Why? How? Who said? But the paneer and pumpkin filling flavored with spices like garam masala, cumin, coriander, chile powder, and fennel seeds will make a believer out of any Pumpkin Samosa skeptic.

In addition to Trader Joe's Pumpkin Ice Cream, these Pumpkin Ginger Hold The Cone treats prove cold desserts are absolutely still acceptable in fall.

Eggo who? Pumpkin Waffles are the PSL companion you deserve.

Pair this creamy vegetable sauce with Zucchette Pasta to subtly push your fall food agenda onto any unsuspecting dinner guest.

This gluten-free granola mix combines clusters of rolled oats, oat flakes, and brown rice crisps with classic pumpkin spice flavors.


Trader Joe's gluten-free pumpkin bread is made with a blend of chickpea flour, rice flour, and tapioca starch. It's also dairy-free!

Like the Autumnal Harvest Pasta Sauce, this soup combines butternut squash, pumpkin, and tomatoes with herbs like rosemary and sage for an easy fall dinner.

Do you like savory with a hint of sweet? This soup, which combines cinnamon, nutmeg, and tahini with a pumpkin base is just that. Plus, it's called "bisque" which just makes it sound fancy.

If you've got eggs, oil, and water, you're 3/4 of the way to a fresh loaf of pumpkin bread.

Spice up your at-home fall brunch with these pumpkin waffle and pancake mixes that come in original and gluten-free.

We've reached the pumpkin spice singularity. Revel in that as you sprinkle these seasoned pepitas over every meal you encounter.

These filled truffles come in dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate and come in in autumn-themed shapes like walnuts, corncobs, pumpkins, pinecones, and leaves. Almost too adorable to eat... almost.

After you grab a box of the Pumpkin Samosas, snag some of this simmer sauce to make a spicy pumpkin meal out of it.

Do these taste any different than the regular chocolate and vanilla creme Joe Joe's? Technically, no. But these have pumpkin faces on them and, therefore, taste more autumnal in their aesthetic.

Get your ooky-spooky crafting on with this DIY chocolate cookie haunted house. Each kit comes complete with a ghost-shaped cookie, candy shaped like bones and bats, and jelly beans.

These pumpkin spice-filled rolled wafers are best paired with a pumpkin latte and some restraint to stop yourself from pretending to smoke it like a cookie cigar.

Top these Pumpkin Cranberry Crisps with goat cheese or brie and you've got yourself a simple fall appetizer.

The cookies are pumpkin flavored! The creme is pumpkin flavored! Trader Joe's knows what you want if what you want is pumpkin-flavored food.

If you like your salty snacks with a hint of sweet, you're gonna want to grab two bags of the Pumpkin Spice Pretzel Thins: one that will make it home and one you'll inevitably eat in the car.

Put it on waffles. Put it on toast. Heck, put it on a cinnamon bun.


Apple Cider Fruit Spread

This apple cider fruit spread is like jam's grown-up cousin. She's spicy, she's elegant, and you're gonna want to invite her to brunch.


Pumpkin Butter

If you're not familiar with Pumpkin butter, it is a rich, spiced spread that you're going to want to slather on everything. Toast, pancakes, a spoon, everything.


Pumpkin Cream Cheese


What better way to enjoy a Pumpkin Bagel than with pumpkin cream cheese. Instagram foodie @TraderJoesList shared their recent pumpkin finds, including this fall-flavored cream cheese.

Avert the eyes of your Cheerios. Trader Joe's Pumpkin O's combine whole-grain cereal with a touch of pumpkin and cinnamon.

It's like a cinnamon roll, a coffee cake, and brioche had a delicious throuple.

Remember to, please, pumpkin spice responsibly.