The 19 Best Tweets & Memes About Bisexual Awareness Week

Featuring informative infographics and lol-worthy puns.

Check out these memes and tweets about Bisexual Awareness Week and Bi Visibility.
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While Pride Month is behind us, celebrating the different identities under the LGBTQ+ umbrella doesn’t end in June. Sept. 16-23 is Bisexual Awareness Week, a globally celebrated event that culminates in Bisexual Visibility Day on Sept. 23. This week honors and brings awareness to the bisexual community, a grouping of people who have largely been victims of bi+ erasure and stigma. A study published in the William & Mary Journal of Women and the Law found that 58% of people who identify as bisexual have experienced biphobic jokes in the workplace, and 31% of those surveyed have fallen victim to sexual harassment due to their identity. Needless to say, Sept. 16-23 is a special time for bisexual people to feel seen and supported.

According to LGBTQ+ activism organization GLAAD, bisexual people make up 52% of the LGB community, so if you happen to identify with the term, you are certainly not alone. Thankfully, countless organizations and activists who participate in Bisexual Awareness Week are working to fight against bi+ erasure and the stigma — especially through social media. For bi+ education as well as hilarious takes on what it’s like to be bisexual, keep scrolling for the 19 best Tweets and memes about Bi Visibility.

Twitter threads like this one from user @jamieisntgay are great resources to learn from.

Especially if you’ve experienced bi+ erasure before, it’s always nice to have a reminder that you are valid — regardless of your sexual or romantic history.

Many people aren’t aware that cisgender people aren’t the only ones who fall under the bi+ umbrella, so tweets that bring common misinformation to light are always helpful.

Fans of Glee will immediately appreciate this joke about the openly bisexual character Brittany Pierce, who provided bi+ representation at a time when it was otherwise pretty sparse.

Having a partner who accepts every part of who you are, especially when you’re a queer person, can be an amazing feeling.

GLAAD reports that a whopping 61% of people experiencing violence from their intimate partner are bisexual women, so this tweet is bringing light to an incredibly relevant and important issue.

Having good sexual health is crucial for any sexually active person, but needs extra consideration in the LGBTQ+ community. This bi+ sexual health event is a great resource for spreading helpful information and bringing attention to the issue.

If you’ve ever watched How to Get Away with Murder, you are definitely familiar with Viola Davis’ unmatched performance as Annalise Keating — but did you know her character was also bisexual?

Bisexual or not, anyone can admit this is incredibly... punny.

There are millions of bisexual people all across the U.S. and beyond, so it’s a powerful thing when domestic cities share public displays of support for the community.

According to this tweet, there’s nothing like a golden hour selfie to remind you of who you really are. It’s just science.

This tweet reply proves that there are so many different “types” of people who can identify as bi+.

Enough said.

Poking fun at the constant conversation around bisexuality versus pansexuality, this tweet is a genius way to sneak in both a pun and a hot take.

If you love makeup and bi+ pride, why not combine the two? Here, @CrystalAliceArt did just that — and slayed it.

With all of the stigma and invalidation many bisexual people endure, being affirmed with tweets like this one can be just what they need to hear.

On Instagram, author Andi Bartz shared a meaningful post about her experience as a bisexual woman and her bi+ pride in spite of the many biphobic comments she’s received from others.

This graphic, originally from @capricampeau on Instagram, serves as a touching and helpful reminder for all people across the bi+ spectrum.

This gorgeous illustration comes along with an important point in the caption: Your identity is yours and yours alone; even if you’re not “out,” you’re still figuring out where you fall in the bi+ community, or you feel questioned by others, your bisexuality is always valid.