Venus Retrograde Is Going To Be A Roller Coaster For These Zodiac Signs' Love Lives

Venus Retrograde 2020 Will Affect These 3 Zodiac Signs The Most

As if our love lives weren't already under an immense strain over the past couple months (sheltering in place with your partner has some major challenges — but so does not being able to see your partner all), there's a new mess in town, and it goes by the name of Venus retrograde. Yep, another one of those astrological transits. Venus retrograde 2020 begins on May 13, and it's serving up six long weeks of drama concerning love, romance, value, and even money. No zodiac sign will be spared from the effects of this ultra-personal retrograde, but there are certainly some who'll experience some deeper feels and reflection around their Venus-ruled issues than others — and if you are one of the signs most affected by Venus retrograde 2020, it helps to know what you're in for so you can make the best of it.

Unlike Mercury, which infamously retrogrades three to four times per year, Venus retrograde only occurs every year and a half or so. These retrogrades happen less frequently than most, but because of the personal nature of planet Venus (which rules over our love lives, our sense of beauty and value, and even our spending money), these retrogrades have potential to hit us where it hurts. "Venus retrograde is the stars' very own invitation to review all of our relationships and run into our exes," astrologer Leona Moon tells Bustle. "Any retrograde period, despite which planet, shows up as a celestial speed bump ... and to put it lightly, problems crop up."

During Venus retrograde, we're likely to face confusion and mixed messages in the realms of love, money, and beauty and be prone to making decisions in those areas that aren't built to last — like jumping into a new relationship that's clearly doomed, taking back an undeserving ex, splurging on a frivolous purchase we'll regret, or, perhaps worst of all, impulse cutting our bangs. Don't do any of that: "Venus rules beauty and love — making this retrograde (including shadow periods!) the perfect time to not respond to an ex, or to reinvent your look," Moon says.

Ready to jump on this Venusian roller coaster and sort through all the baggage in your love life? Me neither, but away we go. Here are the three zodiac signs Venus retrograde will affect most.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

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Venus is in Gemini throughout the duration of the retrograde period, so you're going to feel this transit on a very direct and personal level, Gem. "You have the opportunity to transform your identity completely after this transit," Moon says. "Shed your old skin and release what's no longer serving you!" Be prepared to face identity issues around how you love and value others, as well as how you want to be loved and valued. It's not an easy road, but you'll come out the other side completely renewed.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

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Be prepared to take a very deep journey into your subconscious feelings, beliefs, and patterns around love and value now, Cancer. "Venus retrograde is asking you to release a toxic behavior or person," Moon says. "What is holding you back from finding fulfillment in your relationships? Now is the time to take a deep dive and emotional inventory. Process and release." Retrogrades force us to look long and hard at our issues, which is tough — but the silver lining is that your journey is all about healing, so the work is worth it.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21)

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Everything about your romantic relationships is coming up for review over the next six weeks, Sag, and it's likely going to prompt you to rethink your habits, choices, and feelings in love. "This retrograde period is a serious time to revisit past relationship patterns that are no longer serving you," Moon says. "Take this time to decide how you want to proceed. It might be time to move on." Work through your issues, but know that any major decisions made under this retrograde may not last. Wait until the retro-haze has cleared to move forward.