How To Use The Whatnot App To Thrift Vintage Items

Depop and Poshmark lovers, listen up.

What is the Whatnot App? The latest vintage auction site, explained.

If you follow any resellers or secondhand enthusiasts, you may have started hearing more and more people mentioning the “Whatnot App” lately. “Going live soon on Whatnot,” users might warn. Some TikTokers have even posted their Whatnot seller applications online to generate buzz. But, if you’re unfamiliar with the app, you might be wondering: What’s Whatnot?

Not to be confused with the almighty WhatsApp messenger, Whatnot is the newest trending app in the reselling sphere. And it brings a major element to the table that reselling sites like Depop and Poshmark are missing – live video auctions. The result is somewhere between your typical online shopping bidding contest and a Twitch stream, as you watch resellers on live video auction off their items to viewers.

Originally oriented towards collectors, Whatnot’s audience is quickly expanding to include everyone from thrift flippers to NFT fanatics. Sound like a shopping experience you’d bid on? Here’s everything you need to know about the Whatnot App.

How To Use Whatnot As A Buyer

As Whatnot explains in their FAQs, there are two ways to buy an item on Whatnot: on Whatnot Marketplace, or during a Whatnot Live Stream.

To buy an item on Whatnot Marketplace, you can either choose to immediately purchase the item at the listed price, or to make an offer less than the asking price.

To purchase an item at the listed price, tap on the item then click the black “Buy Now” button in the bottom right.

To make an offer on an item, tap the white “Make offer” item to the left. Sellers have up to 30 days to accept an offer. Once an offer is accepted, the transaction will automatically be processed.

If you’re bidding on an item during a Livestream, Whatnot instructs users to first check that their card info and shipping address are correct by tapping the card icon on the bottom right of the screen.

Once you’ve verified your info, tap the “Bid” button at the bottom of the screen. You can also click “Custom” to write a custom amount.

If you’d like to immediately purchase an item for the asking price, tap “Buy now.”

How To Become A Whatnot Seller

Got a treasure trove of knick knacks that you think people would bid on? You can apply to become a Whatnot Seller on their site. According the Whatnot, sellers seem to need to prove their inventory, a social media following, and history of selling to be approved from the waitlist.

One approved, you can livestream on Whatnot or list items on Whatnot Marketplace.