This 1 Zodiac Sign Cares The Most About Marrying Rich

Prenup? Never heard of it.

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It’s romantic to think of marriage as a choice based solely on true love and an unyielding passion for one another. However, money has always been an important factor when it comes to getting hitched, and depending on what someone’s values are around marriage, committing to someone for life comes with a high price tag. Putting a lot of emphasis on marrying rich may be a cultural matter for some — or the result of consuming a lot of “dark feminine” dating advice on TikTok for others. But it’s possible that someone’s zodiac sign could play a role, too.

In astrology, the element of earth is associated with money, wealth, and material goods, so the three earth signs — Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn — tend to have expensive taste and appreciate the finer things in life. All three earth signs are diligent and pragmatic, willing to work hard to provide themselves with the lifestyle they crave. That’s why having a lot of earth sign energy in your birth chart can make money a more important factor in the decisions you make around work, relationships, and beyond.

Refined Virgos and ambitious Capricorns may be more easily impressed with or attracted to people who have a higher income, but when it comes to marrying rich, it’s indulgent and sensual Tauruses who put a big bank account at the top of their partnership priority list. That’s thanks to the influence of Venus, the planet of luxury, beauty, and value. Venus is Taurus’ cosmic ruler, and its energy makes this fixed earth sign crave opulence and lavishness more than just about any other sign.

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If you were born between April 20 and May 20, you might be a little more likely to require your lover to be a high-earner — especially if you’re going to be putting a ring on it. Here’s why generally Taurus is the zodiac sign that cares the most about marrying rich.

They Live For Luxury

As a sensual Venus-ruled earth sign, Tauruses tend to have expensive taste. They can’t help it! These material girls want to drink the finest wine, enjoy high-quality designer goods, and eat at the fanciest restaurants.

Of course, not all Taurus people are that bougie, but almost all of them put a pretty big emphasis on being able to enjoy all of life’s earthly delights — which means staying at a hotel with high thread count sheets and extravagant room service is going to be a little more important to them than it might be to the average person. Because of their penchant for luxurious items and experiences, they may see marrying rich as a solid way to ensure they get to milk the most glitz and glam out of their lives in the long term.

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They Want To Indulge Together

Tauruses understand and appreciate the power of hard work firsthand, and these dedicated and reliable people are determined to achieve their tangible goals. They will work steadily to ensure their projects reach the finish line and can easily earn their way to financial success independently, without relying on a wealthy partner to provide for them.

However, Taurus also knows that if you work hard you should also play hard — so indulging their hedonistic streaks will always be important. Lavish vacations sprinkled throughout the year or dinners at Michelin-star restaurants after a day at the office are what make life fun for a Taurus, and it’s simply more pleasurable when they have a partner-in-crime who can contribute equally (or more!) to their indulgence fund.

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They Seek Comfort & Stability

As one of the grounded and dependable fixed signs, stability and security is a high priority for Taurus people. That’s why marrying someone who they feel confident can provide for them in the long term is a must. These cosmic bulls want to feel like they have their feet on solid ground at all times, especially when it comes to finances — so having a partner with money is a good way to quell their worries and make them feel safer and more protected. And while they know they can rely on themselves and their own work ethic, it’s all the more comforting to know they’ve got a safety net, which is why marrying rich can be especially appealing to these earth signs.

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