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3 Zodiac Signs Who Are Compatible With Their Own Sign

Is anyone surprised to see Capricorn on this list?

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Lots of couples love the same foods, watch the same shows, and many even start dressing alike — in a slightly creepy, but mostly cute, sort of way. But if it ever feels like you're dating your twin, maybe it's because you're one of the few zodiac signs compatible with their own sign.

Astrologically speaking, folks tend to be happiest with someone who is their opposite. A fiery, unpredictable sign will be drawn to someone who's more measured and grounded. And a highly practical, analytical sign is likely to fall for someone dreamy and romantic, because they need more of that in their life. It's all about complementing each other, and striking a balance.

Then there are the signs who butt heads with folks who are too similar to them. Leo is a good example, since they're always striving for the spotlight. They prefer a partner who's OK with stepping back, rather than being with a fellow Leo who's also trying to be the center of attention. The same vibe happens when two Aries date. Since they're so goal-driven, they might view another Aries as competition — instead of their partner.

But for a select few signs, it makes total sense that they'd fall for someone just like themselves. Here, the three zodiac signs who are quite happy to be with their astrological twin, according to astrologers.

Cancer & Cancer (June 21 — July 22)

As a caring, nurturing sign, Cancer could date pretty much anyone and make it work. They pride themselves on ensuring the people around them feel loved, and spare no expense when making their partners happy. But they aren't always given that same care and attention in return.

That's why, if they happen to meet a fellow Cancer, they'll quickly realize how nice it is to be with someone who puts in an equal amount of effort. These two will cozy up to each other, and create the safe, supportive relationship of their dreams.

As astrologer Cassady Cayne tells Bustle, they'll "implicitly understand each other and share the same values." They're all about emotional intimacy, too, so they won't have a problem talking about their needs, or working through tough issues as they arise.

Two Cancers together? It's pretty much perfection.

Capricorn & Capricorn (Dec. 22 —Jan. 19)

Capricorn is chock full of quirks, mostly stemming from their practicality, which can be "a challenge for other signs to get on with," Arriana Fox, a professional tarot card reader and astrologer with Keen, tells Bustle. But a partner who shares their sign will understand completely.

Two Capricorns can seamlessly connect their lives, and happily fall into a daily routine that meets all of their (very particular) needs. "Together they'll have a tremendous long-term connection, as this sign respects each other's values and understands what makes them tick," Fox says.

They might need to make an effort to shake things up, on occasion, since it's easy for this sign to get a bit "stuck" in a grind. But the good news is they're highly sexually compatible, so they always have this less rigid side of their relationship, to fall back on.

Aquarius & Aquarius (Jan. 20 — Feb. 18)

As Fox says, "The independent nature of an Aquarian is essential to them." They're never going to be house-with-a-white-picket-fence type of people, but ones who carve their own path. And that can be tough for other signs — who might want to follow more traditional routes — to understand.

Dating another Aquarius can come as a huge relief. It means they can finally be themselves, and create a type of relationship that works for them, where everyone gets to be free and creative. Two Aquarians together will have big ideas, and won't be afraid to try new things.

While others might do best with a partner who is their opposite, Cancer, Capricorn, and Aquarius thrive in relationships with those who truly understand them — someone who has their very same sign.


Cassady Cayne, astrologer

Arriana Fox, professional tarot card reader and astrologer