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3 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Move In With A New Partner During Quarantine

Is anyone surprised to see Pisces here?

by Kristine Fellizar
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Love can make you do all kinds of unexpected things — like, say, move in with someone you met on Tinder just a few weeks prior. In fact, according to an astrologer, three zodiac signs won't hesitate to move in with a new partner after just a few virtual dates. Social distancing has given rise to "turbo relationships," where new couples move in and get serious super fast. But when living in a world where more first dates are virtual, and kissing is delayed as much as possible, some people only need several virtual interactions to know they're ready to play house with their newfound love.

If you’ve ever wondered why some people can dive right in and take big risks for love, the answer might be in their birth chart. As astrologer Noelle Vincent tells Bustle, if someone has strong Scorpio in their chart, like Venus, Mars, or Pluto in the eighth house, a person is likely to have an all or nothing approach to dating and relationships. “Scorpios are either in or out, and there's no gray area,” she says. “If you combine this Scorpio energy with the ‘love planets’ of Mars and Venus, or the ‘partnership sign,’ Libra, this person will be extreme in their ways of love.”

Those with strong Taurus in their charts also tend to go all-in with their relationships. Since they’re ruled by Venus, they tend to value love, possessions, and pleasure. Your birth chart can show you a lot about how you are in love.

Astrology can go in-depth, but it doesn’t mean that your Sun sign can’t reveal a few key things. So, here are the three zodiac signs most likely to move in with a partner after just a few virtual dates, according to Vincent.

Cancer (June 21 — July 22)

Cancer is the sign that rules home and family. According to Vincent, they're total homebodies and would love nothing more than cuddle up on the couch with their partner and talk for hours about their families or childhood. After all, these natural healers and caregivers are suckers for a good sob story. Cancers tend to look out for that soulmate type of connection. Once they find someone who draws them in, they tend to love really hard and get emotionally attached. "Once they dig their crab claws into you, they won't want to let go," Vincent says. So, they'll be the first one to initiate talks of quarantining together.

Libra (Sept. 23 — Oct. 22)

Libras are not only ruled by Venus, the planet of love and romance, but they're also ruled by the partnership sector of the zodiac. According to Vincent, they tend to feel complete and at peace when they're in a relationship, and have a hard time being alone. It's not uncommon for a Libra to jump from one serious relationship to the next. While they may be known for their indecisive nature, they won't hesitate to move in with a partner after a few virtual dates. This is one sign that can easily get swept up in a new romance.

Pisces (Feb. 19 — March 20)

Of course, the zodiac's hopeless romantic would move in with a partner after just a few Zoom dates. According to Vincent, "They're very caring, compassionate and sweet, and usually become dependent on their partner as they don't know which way to go in life." This Neptune-ruled sign needs a solid partner to help ground them. Pisces are known for falling in love easily, but they're very intuitive. They tend to invest their emotional energy in people they feel a strong pull toward. If they feel like the person they've been chatting with for the past few weeks is someone special, they'll want to be with them as much as possible.


Noelle Vincent, astrologer