10 Grooming Deal-breakers For Dating That People Have, Because A Fork Is Not A Hair Brush

How we take care of our bodies is an extremely personal choice, but almost everyone has a grooming deal-breaker in dating (or two) that they just can't stomach in a partner. Whether it's flyaway nose hair, not showering, or long, unruly toenails, Twitter users are coming clean about the habits they find less than savory with the trending hashtag #groomingdealbreakers.

So many types of body self-care seem inconsequential: like how often you run a brush through your hair or how long you decide to grow it. Other kinds, however, are often relegated to the political realm, particularly when we're talking about people who identify on the feminine spectrum. A woman who chooses not shave her armpits or pubic area — or who grows in visible facial hair — is viewed as unfeminine and undesirable according to patriarchal standards, which is one reason why grooming habits can be powerful statements in themselves.

And although feminism teaches body acceptance, there's still some stuff many folks can't handle for one reason or another. I may not care how often someone showers or if they wear deodorant, but I've dated plenty a person who prefers a freshly washed bod 24/7 (which is probably why it didn't work out so well).

Here are 10 kinds of grooming dealbreakers folks on Twitter have:

1. Hair Deal-breakers

2. Nail Deal-breakers

3. Nose Hair Deal-breakers

4. Eyebrow Deal-breakers

5. Eyelash Deal-breakers

6. Dental Care Deal-breakers

7. Makeup Deal-breakers

8. Pubic Hair Deal-breakers

9. Facial Hair Deal-breakers

10. Showering Deal-breakers