10 Stylish Travel Accessories You Need For Summer Vacation

Ah, the sweet smell of summer vacation is on the horizon, and whether you're planning to take a trip a to tropical island, a far off continent, or somewhere in between, you'll definitely need a full roster of stylish travel essentials for your next getaway.

If you're like me, packing your suitcase for a trip of any kind can be daunting, from what types of clothes you're bringing to what you'll actually need. Aside from the obvious necessities (toiletries, underwear, etc.), you might also want to bring along some additions to that packing list to make sure you cover your bases. Perhaps it's a cute way to carry around all your belongings from one spot to the next or some way to listen to your music from the room to the pool. Whatever the case, there are definitely some extras that are on every girl's travel must-have list.

For those taking a trip with their girl squad, those headed on a romantic road trip for two, or those daring enough to travel by themselves, you certainly want to make sure that you're well equipped for anything and everything!

Here's what I think you'll need for summer 2017. Safe and stylish travels, y'all.

1. Retro Sunglasses

The Love Tempo Sunglasses in Gloss Sunshine Yellow, $58, Crap Eyewear

Every celebrity has been rocking a pair of retro, cat eye-inspired sunnies and you should too.

2. A Bluetooth Speaker

Beats by Dre + Pill In White, $199, Amazon

Beats by Dre's small, but mighty speakers are perfect for travel. Blast your favorite playlist in your hotel room or Airbnb and then bring it to the pool to set the relaxing vibes. The best part? It'll stay charged for 12 hours. You might not even have to recharge it during your entire trip!

3. Straw Hat

Madewell Packable Mesa Straw Hat, $42, Madewell

Keep yourself cool and covered with this hat. It even has "packable" in its name.

4. Light Scarf

Nordstrom Modal Silk Scarf, $39, Nordstrom

In the event it gets chilly in the evenings, you'll definitely want this!

5. Hair Clip

J.Crew Oval Barrette In Iris, $13, J.Crew

Keep your hair in tact when it gets windy with this gorgeous barrette.

6. Headphones

Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones, $300, Amazon

These super stylish headphones are perfect for those long plane or train rides. You won't have to worry about the battery dying either — they have up to 40 hours of charge.

7. Breezy Handbag

Cult Gaia Acrylic Mini Ark In Mother Of Pearl, $278, Cult Gaia

This popular bag might be a splurge, but you'll use it for every vacation from here on out!

8. Kaftan

Free People Neon Rainbow Asymmetrical Kaftan, $78, Free People

Brighten up any wardrobe with this flowing kaftan. It'll also keep you warm after the sun sets.

9. Portable Phone Charger

Ban.Do Back Me Up Mobile Charger In Disco + Lilac, $35, Amazon

There's really no explanation needed for why this is a travel necessity.

10. Notebook

Pocket Notebook Set In Collage, $12, Poketo

At the end of the day, you'll want to record your memories and adventures in a cute notebook.