Blake's Instagram Is A Window Into This 'Bachelorette' Star's Soul

Paul Hebert/ABC

When meeting 28 men in one night, it can be hard to stand out. However, Blake managed to leave an impression on Becca by first introducing himself via horseback on The Bachelor: After The Final Rose, and then strolling into the mansion on an ox during the premiere of The Bachelorette. However, Becca still doesn't know that much about him — nor do fans. Blake left a great first impression, but these photos from Bachelorette star Blake's Instagram account can provide clues as to whether or not he's compatible with Becca.

Becca's season of The Bachelorette marks a decrease in Blake quantity from Rachel's season, which managed to feature two different Blakes neither of whom made it very far. While Becca only has one Blake to choose from, it's already looking like he'll be doing much better than the Blakes of Bachelorette past, as he managed to survive the first night, unlike Rachel's Blake K, and he isn't feuding with a catchphrase-spouting competitor, which contributed to Blake E. getting sent home. Becca's Blake has already formed a connection with Becca through large animal-based gestures as well as a very genuine expression of his admiration for Becca. Blake's made a good first impression on The Bachelorette, but his Instagram account shows who Blake is when he's not strolling down the street on a barnyard animal.

He's A Casual Beer Enthusiast

A few posts on Blake's instagram show his love of beer — but while some beer enthusiasts may spend their time studying craft beer, Blake seems to be a fan of domestic brands like Coors Light and Keystone Light.

He Has A Wide Range Of Style

A few posts on Blake's instagram indicate that his style of fashion varies from tank tops and baseball caps to black-and-gray tweed getups.

Blake's Pants Are Very Secure

Blake's a big fan of suspenders — so much so, that even when wearing a belt to hold his pants up, he doubles down and pairs it with suspenders. His suspenders–belt hybrid make for a quality derby outfit, a favorite activity of Blake's.

He's A Yoga Enthusiast

Blake shared a picture of him doing yoga along with a massive group of people at the Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater outside Denver, Colorado. There are a few pictures on his Instagram feed of him at Red Rocks Amphitheater, indicating that he's a fan of outdoor entertainment.

He's A Runner

Blake recently took to Instagram to celebrate running a mile in less than five minutes. Earlier posts show him whittling his time down to 5:04 before finally getting it below five minutes.

He's A Country Music Fan

Blake's instagram feed features a snapshot of a Sam Hunt concert he attended.

Blake's A Colorado Rockies Fan

Blake's a frequent patron of his hometown baseball team, the Colorado Rockies. Hopefully, Becca's a fan of America's pasttime because it seems that they'll be seeing a few baseball games each season.

Blake Loves Golfing With The Boys

One of the recurring themes in Blake's Instagram feed is that he spends time with his friends — a lot. Many of the pictures show him with large groups of people, sometimes hitting the links, sometimes on the beach, sometimes in the woods. If Becca and Blake end up together, it seems that she'll become a part of his large social circle.

Blake Loves Wearing Hawaiian Shirts With The Boys

It cannot be understated how much Blake enjoys spending time with his boys, especially when they're wearing matching outfits.

Blake Has A Day For The Boys

If Blake ends up getting the final rose, he'll likely be hoping that Becca doesn't mind not seeing her fiancée on Saturdays. Saturdays, it turns out, are for the boys.

There's a lot more to Blake than horses and oxen. He's also interested in beer, baseball, and his bros. Blake is an all-American man, which could be exactly what Becca is looking for. However, only time will tell if Becca and Blake are compatible enough to make it to the end. And, if they're not — at least he has his boys.