10 Valentine's Date Ideas Inspired By These Swoon-worthy Literary Crushes


So Valentine's Day is coming up and there's nothing we can do to stop it (trust me, I've tried). Whether you have a long time S.O., some kind of nebulous non-relationship, or even just a best friend who you're secretly in love with, Valentine's Day is a wonderfully tacky excuse to spend time with the people you like. This year, go for something a little more exciting than dinner reservations or a candle stuck in a wine bottle. Here are a few date ideas straight from your favorite literary crushes, for a unique, book nerd approved Valentine's Day.

I mean, look, you can't actually go on a date with Mr. Darcy or Gilbert Blythe. The technology just isn't there yet. But you can go on a date inspired by the hunkiest dudes and ladies from literature. And then you can imagine that your unsuspecting partner is actually a socially awkward English bachelor in possession of a good fortune, instead of a mere human (You might want to ask for permission before you start calling your partner by a different name, though). So spice up your relationship or confuse your newest Tinder match with one of these fun, cheap date ideas straight out of your bookshelf: