11 Captain Marvel Comics Moments That Should Definitely Be In The Movie

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If you're not already gnashing your teeth in excited anticipation of the Captain Marvel movie, it probably is only because you don't know enough about the half-alien superhero. That's right, Captain Marvel, aka Carol Danvers, is part-alien, and that only scratches the surface. The Captain Marvel comics have so many moments that definitely need to play out in Captain Marvel, an upcoming standalone movie featuring Brie Larson in the titular role. Even though the MCU's Captain Marvel won't come out until March 8, 2019, that should give you just barely enough time to read through every single Marvel comic involving Danvers. And you definitely will want to read the Captain Marvel comics, considering what a badass heroine this protagonist is.

Captain Marvel isn't just powerful because of her superhero abilities — of which there are many, including the ability to fly and shoot light beams from her bare hands — but she also shows incredible determination. For awhile, Captain Marvel went by the name Ms. Marvel, and she frequently found herself not only oppressed by evil alien dictators but also by the patriarchy that challenged all women in the '70s and '80s (and let's be real, even today). No matter what happened though, Danvers used her wit and talents to enable herself the freedom she always dreamt of, and her passion for exploring space always held the top spot in her heart. These are some of Carol Danvers' most awesome comic book moments to get you pumped for Captain Marvel.


When Danvers Escapes From Her Adversary At War And Helped The CIA

Before she became a superhero, Danvers was a pilot for the Air Force, where she escaped from being kept hostage and found a CIA safe-house. That led to her getting a job with Air Force Intelligence, like a total badass.


When Captain Marvel Returns A Young Alien Refugee To Her Home World

In Captain Marvel vol. 1, Danvers helps a young girl and then ends up involved in an alien uprising against the Galactic Alliance and the Spartax. As you can guess, she saves the day and helps the aliens forced to resettle away from their home worlds.


When Caro Hitchhikes To Cape Canaveral To Watch A Space Launch As A Teen

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Before she became an Air Force officer, Danvers hitchhiked to Cape Canaveral in order to see a space shuttle launch, because she always had a dream of exploring space. It's the perfect flashback scene to include in the superhero's origin story.


When She Stages Her Own Comeback After Losing All Her Memories

An evil alien named Marcus Immortus wipes out Danvers's memory at one point, but that doesn't stop her from returning to her superhero duties.


When Captain Marvel Writes A Tell-All Book Exposing NASA's Mistreatment Of Her

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After NASA fires Danvers, she writes a tell-all book to spite the company that once employed her as a security chief.


When She Has A Romance With Wonder Man

Avengers romances are always fun, and this could introduce everyone to the superhero who once rivaled Tony Stark.


When Danvers Argues For Equal Pay

According to Vox, the first issue of Ms. Marvel included Danvers discussing equal pay, the topics that women in journalism could write about, and work-life balance. Needless to say, Captain Marvel gets it.


When She Turns Down An Offer To Join The X-Men Because She Doesn't Want To Be Tied Down

In the Uncanny X-Men no.164 Captain Marvel decides to turn down X-Men's offer to join them because she doesn't want to stay on Earth. Her identity as a outer space adventurer is always the most important to her.


When She Transforms Into Captain Marvel


Danvers had a fascinating transformation into the hero she's most famous as. While working for NASA, Danvers and her alien coworker, Mar-Vel, get caught in a blast together while under attack. Danvers' human genes meld with Mar-Vel's Kree DNA, and she becomes a powerful force because of it.


When She Beats A Monster Without Her Powers

In Ms. Marvel vol. 2, Ms. Marvel is captured and held on Monster Island, and Captain Marvel — at the time she was called Ms. Marvel — temporarily loses her superhero powers. That doesn't stop her from fighting the Brood Queen as her human self.


When She Becomes Second In Command Of the Avengers

In New Avengers #48 Captain Marvel becomes the second in command of the Avengers, and even if the Avengers don't appear in Captain Marvel, maybe the movie could at least allude to her esteemed role on the team.

Waiting for the Captain Marvel movie will be even harder now, but at least you have plenty of comics to read in the meantime.