11 Disturbing '00s Movies On Netflix To Haunt Your Dreams

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What is it about scary movies that make audiences love them so much? Is it the jump scares, the villains, the gore? My theory is that it's the creep factor. We like being freaked out. We enjoy seeing things that are off putting or disturbing, if you will. Now, disturbing movies aren't always scary. In fact, these 11 disturbing '00s movies you can find on Netflix cover almost all genres, from horror to family drama. The only thing they have in common is that they will leave you questioning your life and more than a little bit afraid to go to sleep at night.

Before I get into the list of 11 disturbing '00s movies you can find on Netflix, I want to give you some advice. Some of these should be watched with the lights on. Others should not be watched before bed. But, however you watch them and whatever your tastes, just remember one thing: it's all fiction. Exceptionally disturbing movies are ones that blur the line between reality and fiction. Logically, watching a movie like The Human Centipede, you know it's not real. But, what makes it disturbing is that you feel like it could be real. So, after watching these movies, when you're hiding under the covers, just remember that it's not real. At least, not that I know of...


'No Country For Old Men'

I mean, Javier Bardem's No Country For Old Men haircut is disturbing enough without the whole career murderer thing.


'The Human Centipede'

Even thinking about this movie makes me want to throw up. Watch at your own risk.


'Old Boy'

If you cringe at the sight of blood, then Old Boy's tale of violence and revenge will definitely disturb your dreams.


'Mulholland Drive'

Mulholland Drive is extremely confusing, which helps make it super disturbing. Get it?



Disturbing and awesome, Memento is good for those that enjoy a little psychological thriller with their action movies.


'Million Dollar Baby'

Million Dollar Baby might be a sweet drama about a woman who just wants to box, but there's something about the tragic ending that has been nagging at me ever since I first saw it.



The fact that Lars von Trier directed Antichrist should be enough to tell you it's one disturbing movie.



Babel will make you feel sad for Brad Pitt. Talk about a disturbing feeling.


'Black Snake Moan'

Black Snake Moan isn't scary, but it does feature an unhinged Samuel L. Jackson abducting a sex-addicted Christina Ricci and literally keeping her chained up. Oh, and Justin Timberlake is in it.


'The Host'

Joon-ho Bong's freaky monster movie, The Host, is sure to give you nightmares and make you think twice before littering.



Bill Paxton directed and starred in this creepy thriller about a father who brought his sons into his plan to murder "demons" (aka, actual people).

Sweet dreams, everyone.