These Dorinda Quotes Are Genius, Just Like The ‘RHONY’ Star

by Kristie Rohwedder
Heidi Gutman/Bravo

Like Erika Girardi, Shannon Beador, and Kenya Moore, Real Housewives of New York City star Dorinda Medley was a late addition to the Real Housewives universe. And like Girardi, Beador, and Moore, she immediately established herself as an inimitable Real Housewife, a dazzling reality TV personality for the ages. For starters, Medley’s quotes on RHONY are brilliant gemstones that add even more sparkle to the already gleaming series. Like little gin-soaked jewels that she graciously offers up time and time again, never expecting anything from us in return.

Though she’s a relatively new addition (well, aside from her pre-Season 7 cameos, that is), Medley feels like an original Real Housewife. Like someone who should've been part of the main roster and firing off one-liners during the leg throw, the Scary Island trip, and Ramona Singer’s life-changing stomp down the catwalk. But she wasn’t. But could you imagine if she was there?

Medley is one of the funniest, kindest, and sharpest Real Housewives we’ve ever met — and no, that third adjective is not a reference to that one time she knocked back one too many and accidentally stabbed her own hand. (Hey, who among us hasn’t been there? OK, fine, probably a lot of us haven’t been there.) She is an unimpeachable part of the franchise, and her never-ending fount of hilarious bon mots is one of the reasons why.

Here are some of Medley’s quotes that are genius, just like her.

1. "Have people around you that warm you like a fire, but don't let the fire burn you."

And if the Real Housewives franchise has taught us anything, it's that the fire won't think twice about burning you if you aren't careful.

2. "I decorated, I cooked, I made it nice."

A statement so iconic, it ended up on a tote bag.

3. "I love you for coming and I love you for leaving."

The most honest host there ever was.

4. "Clip! Clip! Clip"

When the phrase "please be quiet" just won't do.

5. "Do you want to argue correctly?"

This is such a fantastic question to lob at a someone during a verbal altercation. Let 'em know they'll have to bring more to the table if they want to keep up.

6. “I don’t know why we came to this brunch. I mean, no one ever showed up. We didn’t have any food. And I just listened to these old b*tches fight the whole time.”

A no food, all fight brunch is not an ideal way to spend a Sunday morning.

7. "She's Mary Poppins meets Zsa Zsa Gabor."

Uh, has anyone ever summed up Sonja Morgan so perfectly?

8. "If no one can behave themselves then you all go home!"

An excellent rule of thumb for any party, staycation, or weekend getaway.

9. “Let’s take the elephant out of the room right now: shut your mouth. Stop talking poorly about me.”

Forget about talking about the elephant in the room. Just kick it out of the room altogether.

10. "Here's the good news: I don't care!"

In certain circumstances it really can be a freeing feeling.

11. “Because I’m not feeling well, I’m gonna have a very dirty Grey Goose martini, straight up. Alcohol kills the germs."

No truer words have ever been spoken.

Next time you revisit a pre-Medley era episode of RHONY, close your eyes and open your ears. If you listen hard enough, you may hear a small voice ask, “What are you doing here without Dorinda, RHONY? Why did it take you so long to hand her a golden apple?” Oh, to think of all of the Dor zingers that could've warmed our hearts like a fire but never burned.