11 'Game Of Thrones' Episodes Every Brienne Of Tarth Fan Needs To Watch

It would be a wonderful world if everyone had time to rewatch Game of Thrones from start to finish whenever they wanted. Sadly, most people have to be more strategic with their rewatches, and one of the best ways to get the biggest bang out of your marathon is to focus on a single character. And there truly is no better character to focus on than Brienne of Tarth. If you're looking for the Game of Thrones episodes that focus on Brienne and her journey, you've come to the right place.

From her introduction in Season 2 to the heroic moment she goes toe to toe with a bear, these episodes cover the full breadth of Brienne's character development. The bulk of the episodes come from Season 3, but that's to be expected. Brienne and Jaime's fraught journey through the Riverlands remains one of the show's greatest arcs. It also features the moments fans truly got to know what makes the Lady of Tarth tick.

Brienne fans settle in, because these are the 11 episodes to watch if you want to see your favorite character kicking butt and being the best knight in all of the Seven Kingdoms. These Game of Thrones episodes are Brienne's best.

1. "What Is Dead May Never Die"

In her first appearance, Brienne of Tarth defeated Loras, uttered the badass line "I'm no lady," and requested a place on Renly's Kingsguard. With an introduction like that, viewers had no choice but to declare her their favorite.

2. "The Ghost of Harrenhal"

True knights are rare in Westeros, but Brienne proved she was one when she swore her oath to Lady Catelyn. The vow she makes in Season 2 drives so much of her story from that point on, because she never once waivers from her goal to fulfill her promise to protect Arya and Sansa.

3. "Dark Wings, Dark Words"

Jamie and Brienne's fight on the bridge remains a pivotal moment for both characters. Not only did it lead to Jaime losing his hand, it also put Brienne on a path of discovering exactly how hard it is to keep vows and remain honorable during war times.

4. "And Now His Watch Is Ended"

Much like Jaime, Brienne leaves no debt unpaid, and in this remarkable Season 3 episode, she repays Jamie's act of valor by goading him into maintaining his will to live.

5. "The Bear And The Maiden Fair"

As if the world needed more proof that Brienne was tougher than every soldier in Westeros put together, she went and fought a bear with nothing but a tourney sword.

6. "Oathkeeper"

Gwendoline Christie gives a masterclass in acting as she accepts Oathkeeper from Jaime, and vows to protect his honor by finding Sansa and keeping her safe. Christie infused so much yearning in the scene, that it's almost impossible not to feel your heart break a little when she can't help but look back as she rides away from Jaime.

7. "The Children"

After a full season of searching, Brienne finally finds one of the Stark girls. Unfortunately, The Hound's suspicions of Brienne prevents Arya from going with the knight. However, it did give viewers the gift of a truly jaw-dropping battle between Brienne and The Hound.

8. "The House Of Black And White"

So much of Brienne's story is tied to her disillusionment of what it means to be a knight, and in "The House of Black and White" she learns yet another hard truth when she can't convince Sansa to come with her. She can't force Sansa to allow her to fulfill her oath. Instead, she commits to an excruciating wait, as she hopes the eldest Stark daughter will eventually ask for her help.

9. "Mother's Mercy"

The only thing that will convince Brienne to leave her watch over Sansa is the opportunity to keep her vow that she would get vengeance for her fallen king. In this episode, the Lady of Tarth finds Stannis Baratheon in the snowy woods and avenges Renly's death.

10. "No One"

After two and half seasons, Jaime and Brienne are reunited in "No One," and it's glorious. The moment when Brienne attempts to return Oathkeeper to Jaime is easily one of the show's best because it's so grounded in the rich development of both characters.

11. "The Spoils of War"

Season 7 didn't give Brienne much to do, but seeing her spar with Arya is reason enough to rewatch "The Spoils of War."

Brienne of Tarth is one of Game of Thrones few truly noble characters, and her journey is a compelling one that everyone needs to revisit.