11 Holiday Gift Ideas For Friends Who Love Instagram

While Facebook used to dominate when it came to social media, that's no longer the case. In the past few years, Instagram has become the preferred social media app, giving a platform to not just influencers, but anyone with a phone. It has reached such heights that many of us probably have friends who love Instagram so much, that not checking the app or posting on the reg is just inconceivable.

Although Instagram has changed quite a bit since its initial launch in 2010 — for example, recently removing the following tab and even removing "likes" as a means to promote less competition and better mental health among users — it still boasts over one billion active users. While some use it casually, others simply can't live without it. Whether it means being a voyeur to all the accounts you follow or being that person who posts and posts and posts nothing but perfectly curated IG photos, Instagram is there to both suck up time and give many of us the opportunity to show our followers what we want them to see.

If you happen to have friends who are so in love with Instagram that only an Instagram-related gift will do for them, here are 11 ideas to make sure their Instagram account is always on the up and up.