Show Off Your Favorite Books With These 11 Pieces Of Literary Jewelry

Nabu Online/Etsy; meytalbarnoy/Etsy
By Kerri Jarema

There is a vast world of bookish merch out there, from t-shirts to art prints, and even full lines of home goods and kitchenware. Let's face it: bibliophiles don't want to keep their literary love contained on their bookshelves. But what if you've already got your walls covered with book quotes and your dresser drawers are bursting with book tees? Is there a sector of lit-themed merch you have yet to fully explore? Well, if you're anything like me, your collection of literary themed jewelry is probably sadly lacking. But the 11 picks below are about to change that.

The best part of book-based jewelry is the versatility: you can pair them with any outfit and wear them anywhere, whether you're killing it at your big work meeting or chilling out on the weekend. Whereas sweatshirts emblazoned with your House crest or throw pillows proudly displaying your favorite Jane Austen quote proclaim your love of reading boldly, a nice piece of literary jewelry can keep your favorite reads close to your heart all day long. Check out some favorites below and don't forget to bookmark a few for your upcoming holiday shopping, because it's never too early to spread the bookish love around.

1. This Chic 'Pride & Prejudice' Necklace That You Can Totally Pretend Mr. Darcy Gave You

2. This Harry Potter Bracelet With One Of Dumbledore's Most Inspiring Quotes

3. These Sweet Anne Of Green Gables Earrings That Anne Herself Would Wear

4. This 'Handmaid's Tale' Bracelet With A Reminder You Need More Than Ever

5. This Game Of Thrones Necklace You Can Wear While You Marathon The Series

6. This Dainty 'Jane Eyre' Necklace That Is Perfect For Layering With Other Gems

7. This 'Little Women' Quote Bracelet That Will Speak To Your True Bookish Nature

8. This Necklace To Remind You Of A Profound Sylvia Plath Quote

9. These Lightning Bolt Studs To Pay Homage To The Boy Who Lived

10. This Pin To Help You Be An "Obstinate Headstrong Girl" Like Lizzie Bennett

11. These Peter Pan Earrings That Are So Magical You Might Just Believe You Can Fly