These ‘Westworld’ Fan Theories About The Man In Black Anticipate Another Wild Twist

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In Season 1 of Westworld, the character of William was responsible for one of the show's biggest twists. The penultimate Season 2 episode, "Vanishing Point," looks like it will feature his backstory, so there's a very good reason for fans to be thinking of their best Westworld William theories again. While some audience members might have seen it coming, others were shocked to discover in Season 1 that William (Jimmi Simpson) was the younger version of the Man in Black (Ed Harris). Because of that major reveal, it would be slightly surprising if the HBO show made William the focus of another shocker again. But the June 17 episode seems to deal with the death of William's wife, so Westworld certainly isn't done with him yet. Spoilers through Season 2, 8.

Westworld Season 2 already took William theorists for a little ride when the show introduced viewers to the character Grace, only to reveal that she's actually William's daughter Emily. The payoff for this twist happened fairly quickly in Westworld terms, and the pacing was appreciated. But that doesn't mean that the series couldn't be taking its time with another big reveal about this cryptic character. After all, with both Simpson and Harris playing him in different timelines, it can be hard to keep track of this Delos executive.

William references "this thing in me" during the "Vanishing Point" preview after his wife Juliet (portrayed by Sela Ward in her older years) asks him to tell her "one true thing." With a preview like that, it's impossible not to theorize about William, so here are some of the top conjectures about him as Season 2 comes to a close.


He's A Host

As INSIDER outlined, one of the biggest fan theories around is that William is a host. And after nearly two seasons, it's still going strong. In the above video, TheBattProductions even theorizes that William might be more than a regular host — instead, he is a successful version of the human-host hybrid that James Delos was. Regardless if he is a host or human-host, INSIDER, Batt Productions, and ELLE have all discussed that William could discover his true identity before Season 2 ends through "the door" game that Ford created for him.


His Older Consciousness Will Be Placed In The Body Of A Young William Host

William has already survived an almost unbelievable amount of injuries in Season 2. But the HBOWestWorldPod Twitter account put a twist on this idea. Instead of William being a host now, perhaps he'll agree to become a host. And what better vessel to be placed in than a younger version of himself? (Twitter account WestworldDVR floated a similar theory out there.) This could lead to young host William and Dolores reuniting and hey — what Westworld fan doesn't want more Jimmi Simpson?


William Died At The End Of Season 1

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If William is a host, when he became one is a big point of contention. One theory from Reddit user MeriJ (with help from SteaksAreReal) is that William died at the end of Season 1 during the hosts' uprising. That would mean William has only been a host for a short time and since the human-hosts haven't been successful, he might start malfunctioning sooner rather than later.


Ford Has Been Preparing A William Host

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There are so many takes on the William-is-a-host theory, but one last big one that The Smoke Room covered is that Ford will make a host version of William after the Man in Black dies in the park. This comes from Reddit user The_malaganch, who theorized that Ford has been running host William through simulations for fidelity. And once host William is born and walks through "the door," the other hosts can truly be free.


He Will Meet Up With Dolores Again

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Whether he's a host or not, Reddit user Creasy007 thinks that William could team up with Dolores again. Redditor CheapAlternative added to this theory that it looked like Dolores and William were riding together in the Westworld trailer that aired during the Super Bowl.


He's Actually Reuniting With A Host Version Of His Wife


That Dolores stuff is kind of old news, so fans might be more anxious for insight into his wife that will happen in "Vanishing Point." But instead of it being his backstory, Reddit user sctmcg suggested that it's possible that William is meeting up with his wife's host-human hybrid in the episode. As she was the daughter of James Delos, it's not unreasonable to think that a human-hybrid of Juliet was created too and exists somewhere in the park.


Logan Isn't Dead & They'll Face Off

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Another child of James Delos that William might interact with again could be Logan. Reddit user newtraveler000 wondered if Logan didn't really die of an overdose like William told James. If this turns out to be true, newtraveler000 suggested these two Delos bigwigs will face off in an endgame moment for the series.


He Took His Own Life

Another theory that has been circulating is that William died in the past, in a similar manner as his wife. (This kind of ends up being another William-is-a-host theory, but let it happen.) While William did say that Juliet died from taking the wrong pills and falling asleep in the tub, people think the tub in previews might not be showing Juliet's death, but William's. Fans on both Twitter (like above) and Reddit (as user Davrosdaleks posted) have considered this.


Emily Is A Host

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The bathtub imagery has made fans suspicious that there have been two suicides in William's family. And Reddit user bigugly20 supposed that it's a depiction of Emily's death. That would mean that the Emily viewers have seen in the park is a host or human-host hybrid.


Emily Will Remove Him From The Park


Speaking of Emily, she said that she wanted her father to hurt in "Kiksuya." And Reddit user LunaChick269 theorized that Emily will be taking William through "the door" and out of his beloved park to really cause him pain.


Emily Is William & Dolores' Child

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With the image of a host with a baby in the Season 2 opening credits and Maeve's devotion to her child, many fans have theorized this season that the hosts might be able to have children. And Redditor mtalty suggested that Emily is not the child of William and Juliet — but the child of William and Dolores. They slept together on the train in Season 1 and that would certainly explain why William had an unhappy marriage to Juliet.

No matter what Westworld reveals about William and his family in the ninth episode of Season 2, these theories should prepare you for it to be twisted — just like the Man in Black himself.