11 Meditations For The August 2018 Full Moon That Will Help All Zodiac Signs Survive In One Piece

Michael Dodge/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

This month's full moon falls on Aug. 26 and rises at 8:01 p.m. EST. With Mercury's retrograde ending just a week before the full moon, this night will be an important time to reflect on the chaos of the summer behind us, and look forward to the calm clarity ahead. To prepare, you'll want to check out some meditations for the August full moon, because there's no better way to take self reflection seriously, than with the help of a deep meditation.

If you're not great at policing yourself into a meditation, it's OK. There are tons of guided meditations that will help you focus, and help you stay focused. Basically these guided meditations will hold your hand through the whole process because let's be honest, it's easy to get lost on a quest to reach a meditative state. Despite how simple it might sound to some, it's not easy to sit still and think for a long period of time. And while a 10 minute mediation can be just as powerful as an hour meditation, the power lies in your ability to focus. A few intense moments of internal attention are more valuable than an hour of sitting around and thinking about what to make for dinner. So go easy on yourself, have low expectations, and use one of these mediations to guide you through a full moon ritual that will help you leave retrograde behind you, where it belongs.