These New Films Coming To Netflix Will Have You Hunting For An Excuse To Stay In

Studio Firma/Stocksy

With this insane heatwave still blazing, there is a lot to be said for staying in the cooler and more shady safety of your own home. It's gotten so hot that literally nobody would judge you for staying inside in your pants watching telly (and nor should they ever judge you for that). But maybe you have already rinsed your Netflix account? Well, if you have, good news is that there are lots of new films coming to Netflix this August Thank goodness, I hear y'all squeal.

I'm pleased to report that Netflix has its usual blend of classics, oldies, newbies, guilty pleasures, and ones you could watch a thousand times over on the menu. This means that I for one will be one happy (if incredibly sweaty) bunny this August. Who's with me?

Oh. Did someone say stick your phone on do not disturb and get some very much needed you time? Yep, it was me. Do it immediately because the latest selection of cinematic delights is going to make sure that this August is going to be pretty awesome for nights in. So all you need now is some extra cold drinks, a fan, a TV/laptop/tablet, and some peace and quiet to get down with the movies.

Here are my top picks of the new films coming to Netflix in August. Enjoy.


'Pride And Prejudice'

This film version of arguably Jane Austen's best known novel was a mega hit when it came out in 2005. Keira Knightley plays an uber independent, intelligent, and sassy Elizabeth Bennet. Lots of lovely costumes and beautiful scenery takes you away to a time when it wasn't how many insta likes you had that mattered. Instead, it was a time when women were expected to mind their Ps and Qs, but our Lizzie just did what the eff she wanted. What she wanted is of course was a certain Mr Darcy who is super conveniently rich, so all's well that ends well.

This story just never gets old and this version is so great and makes you feel all sappy and gross but you know you love it.


'Bridget Jones's Baby'

The third instalment in the Bridget Jones series sees cute as pie, lovable twit, and huge pants wearing Jones going onto the next phase of her life; motherhood. Gulp.

With a love life as torrid as can be and a seemingly endless supply of ridiculously handsome suitors at her disposal, our Bridge isn't doing too badly now is she? However, when two romantic dalliances occur within close proximity of each other and a pregnancy test proves positive, the race is on to find out who her baby daddy is. The race is also on to see if her and her very own Darcy (hello Pride And Prejudice) end up happily ever after.


'Meet The Blacks'

Meet The Blacks is a parody comedy about a dystopian America, where an annual 12 hours of complete lawlessness takes place.

It is the story of the blacks, an African American family who have fled a life of crime in Chicago to a largely white neighbourhood in Beverly Hills. Unfortunately they move just in time for the annual purge and their house is invaded by several masked assailants.

Lots of hilarity ensues in this dark comedy, that hits the guilty pleasure quota 100 percent.



Feel like scaring the bejesus out of yourself this summer? Well you're in luck.

Ouija tells the story of a young gal who finds a ouija board in her house and does the right thing and chooses to play with it with her mates on Halloween. Nice one, mate. Eye roll.

It's super jumpy and will have you covering your eyes but also, like any good horror film, leave you wondering why these people are so flipping dumb.


'Last Vegas'

Four legends of the silver screen come together for this film about four older men having a bit of a youth renaissance. Starring Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman, Robert De Niro, and Kevin Kline, the lads plan an outrageous stag do for Douglas' character Billy ahead of his marriage to a woman half his age.

The film features them as young guys too, with genius edits to them as children throughout the film which is super charming.

Think The Hangover meets Grumpy Old Men and you got it.


'Selfie From Hell'

Another creepy AF film, this movie sounds super silly and guess what, maybe the concept is, but this movie knows that and does a great job of being silly but pillow-grabbingly terrifying too.

The idea is a bit sort of like The Ring in that it is relating to a craze which people are warned not to do, but do anyway because people in horror films are so dumb I can't even.

This film is based on a two minute Youtube video that went viral and will literally leave you with chills.

I've said too much already.


'Bad Moms'

Bad Moms is basically the antidote to all those laugh out loud funny films about guys having a wild time. This movie sees mums getting to go and be wild as well.

This film shows the ridiculous pressures a lot of mums are under to be perfect and make sure everything their children do and digest is exactly right. When three mums crack, the craic ensues.

Lots of shots being imbibed and really fun parties that you kind of wish you were at, as well as a perfect self-righteous mum played by Christina Applegate means this is one for us gals.


'The Secret Life Of Pets'

Who doesn't love computer animated films? And who doesn't love pets? Bingo; this film ticks both boxes. One to watch with your pets because let's be honest, they are the best movie dates.

The Secret Life Of Pets is one of those heart-warming, funny films that will actually leave you wondering what your pets are up to while you're out and about.

Starring an insane number of mega stars including Lake Bell, Ellie Kemper, Steve Coogan, and SNL alums Dana Carvey and Jenny Slate, this one will have you rolling on the floor laughing but also looking suspiciously at your pets for days.


'Public Schooled'

Made in Canada, this movie is the story of a home schooled teenage boy who sees what actual high school is like after visiting one for an exam. He spies a girl who he really fancies and in that moment, chooses to flunk his exam so he can get into her school and get the girl.

Judy Greer gets well deserved pride of place in this film about an over protective mother struggling to let go of her son but also encouraging him to rebel, with her guidance and support.

It is super funny, heart-warming, and will have you laughing and saying "aww" in equal measure.


'Chitty Chitty Bang Bang'

Movie classic and one you could watch over and over, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is about the adventures of a flying car brought back to life by the wonderfully eccentric widowed inventor Caractacus Potts after his children Jemima and Jeremy beg him to.

Starring Dick Van Dyke, this family fave is up there with Mary Poppins in terms of classic status. Special note for the still incredibly creepy bad guy, The Child Snatcher, who still makes my skin crawl.


'The Party'

It's not often you see a modern film made entirely in black and white but this cinematic treat is everything you want from a British comedy.

It tells the story of a politician, promoted within his party who reveals an enormous secret to close friends who have gathered to celebrate his nod.

Hilarity ensues in this black comedy with each character revealing shocking truths and the party turning into an hilarious disaster.

A must see for fans of dark British humour, starring an array of acting legends including the very dishy Cillian Murphy and British legend Timothy Spall.


With options like this, I can't wait for July to end so I can get down to ingesting some brilliant films. Thanks Netflix. We love you.