11 Office Playlists To Help You Power Through The Work Week

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Do you ever get that sinking feeling on a Sunday evening? The one where nausea meets apprehension as you prepare for another week ahead? That Sunday night work dread might seem inescapable, but at the very least, you can arm yourself with some of the best work playlists to help you power through the week — because nothing inspires or cuts through the monotony quite like the right jams.

As we all know, occasionally that morning cup of coffee just doesn't do the trick if you're dreading the work day ahead of you. As a New York transplant, I'm convinced that's why headphones and music streaming were invented. They are here to help you parse through perfunctory morning routines, and even help you dance it out at your desk when the stakes are high and Beyoncé seems like the only thing that makes sense. The key to keeping it fresh, though, is to mix your music up, depending on the situations or moods you find yourself in at work. If you manage to land on the right playlist, it can lift your spirits, help you shovel through all the emails, and even make that deadline you were nervous about seem a little bit more manageable.

So here, for all your work-related needs, is a list of work playlists specifically geared to the different situations you might encounter during the week. Rock on, everyone.

Pop, hip-hop, soft-rock, house — it's all here. Monday can be a mix of emotions, so why not cater to every feeling with all different genres? Let it help you through the motions... well, most of them. (There's coffee for the rest.)

A solid mixture of up-tempo vibes and lively tunes will get you through that 5 p.m. deadline. Heck, maybe you'll ride out the victory and even attempt to use that gym pass you've been holding on to after listening to this power mix.

There are enough cool slow jams on this list to keep you focused, without distracting from your overall mission.

A great choice for when you want to feel like you're at your favorite after-work spot with a drink in hand, but you're actually at your desk. (Two more days. Hang in there!)

It's almost 5 p.m., and you're ready to head out to celebrate. Get your co-workers together for an after-hours jam session with a collection of club tunes and popular hits you're likely to hear during your grown and sexy escapades outside the office.

OK, so they tore apart your proposal, or you didn't get final approvals on the project you've been working on for weeks. You will survive this! You're still a boss — you just need a playlist to remind you.

When you're ready to take a little risk or try to cash in your bargaining chips at work, indulge in this list of female bosses and prepare to slay.

Roll out of bed with a little more spring in your step to get you out the door. Throw that pot of coffee on, and dance around the kitchen a little. Spare yourself the sick day, and get your day started with a solid mix of dance-worthy tunes.

Enjoy all of the good vibes today! These tracks are easygoing and perfect for riding out those days when everything seems to be going your way.

We all have those days. Sometimes it's better to hold off on that tough conversation you want to have until you can collect your thoughts. This playlist is the cathartic push you need.

Nothing feels better than receiving the notification from your direct deposit. On that blessed day, fill your ears with the sounds that celebrate your week-long hustle.

TL;DR: Music solves everything — even the Sunday scaries.