11 Scary Movies Coming In Summer 2017

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If there's one movie genre that will never go out of style, it's got to be horror. Audiences are always willing to flock to theaters to get scared out of their wits, and that trend will continue this summer. There are a number of scary movies coming in summer 2017 that promise to keep you scared throughout the warmer months, prepping you to kick off the Halloween season when Stephen King's It gets things rolling on Sept. 8. So what kinds of scary movies can you expect this summer?

All kinds! There are a number of traditional horror movies heading to theaters, including a couple new installments of some established franchises that know there way around a good jump scare. There are also several original horror flicks; among them a couple of intriguing indie flicks that look like they have the potential to become new classics. And, this being the summer movie season, there are even some highly-anticipated action blockbusters that work some horror elements into their plots, meaning you may never truly be safe from a good scare at the cinemas this summer. So take a look below at 11 horror movies coming out in summer 2017, and don't say I didn't warn you when you don't get a wink of sleep until Labor Day.


‘It Comes At Night’ — June 9

This mysterious and stylish indie flick from A24, the studio that produced last year's The Witch, could end up being the year's scariest movie when it's all said and done.


‘The Mummy’ — June 9

More thriller than horror, the first film in Universal's new monster cinematic universe should feature some of the gothic horror of the 1932 original, and I expect it to at least be scarier than the Brendan Fraser version from 1999.


‘47 Meters Down’ — June 16

After the success of last summer's The Shallows, it's no surprise that sharks are back in the water for 2017's horror lineup.


‘The Bad Batch’ — June 23

Kidnapping, cannibals, a cult — this one's got it all.


‘Amityville: The Awakening’ — June 30

Originally scheduled for release way back in January 2015, this Bella Thorne vehicle has been pushed back countless times, with the most recent delay occurring this past January. Fingers crossed Amityville fans finally get to see it in June.


‘Wish Upon’ — July 14

Loosely based on the classic horror story The Monkey's Paw, the lesson here is: Be careful what you wish for.


‘The Gracefield Incident’ — July 21

FYI, found footage horror is still in in 2017.


‘The Dark Tower’ — July 28

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Stephen King's magnum opus finally gets a big screen adaptation starring Idris Elba as The Gunslinger and Matthew McConaughey as The Man in Black, and though it's not straight up horror, there should be some scary moments if it follows the books.


‘Lycan’ — August 4

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If you're a horror fan, you likely know that the title Lycan indicates that this movie has something to do with werewolves, and you're not wrong. Dania Ramirez stars in this Blair Witch-like tale of college kids heading into the woods of Georgia to investigate a local werewolf legend.


‘Annabelle 2’ — August 11

Everyone's favorite — and supposedly real — haunted doll returns in 2017.


‘Polaroid’ — August 25

The above trailer is for the short version of this film, released by director Lars Klevberg in 2015, but this summer his story gets the feature-length treatment.