11 Sex-Postive Valentine's Day Gifts

Who's ready for Valentine's Day? It is, at least to the romantics out there, the most magical day of year! It's a celebration of love and passion and a great reason to give your partner a plush bear holding an equally plush heart with "Be Mine" scrawled across it. Isn't Valentine's Day the best? My subtle sarcasm aside (it was subtle, right?), Valentine's Day is a celebration of all forms of love.

In fact, even when I've been in relationships, it has always been my dog, Hubbell, who's the one who really gets spoiled every Valentine's Day with a heart-shaped, made-from-scratch carrot cake, because despite the word on the street, I can cook — two things, and carrot cake happens to be one of them.

But no matter who you plan to celebrate your love for this Valentine's Day, going the sex-positive route in your gift-giving is a great idea. You're not just giving them something they want, but sending a message of respect, not just for your partner but for yourself. Sex positivity strengthens our own relationship with sex, and that strength is contagious.

So, if you're up in the air about what you want to give your loved ones (or yourself) for Valentine's Day, here are 11 sex-positive gifts that will make everyone happy.


Fin And Chakrubs Bundle

Fin And Chakrubs Bundle, $164, Dame Products

The amazing women behind Dame Products, Janet Lieberman and Alexandra Fine, want to close that orgasm gap right the eff up. They definitely made huge strides with the release of their first sex toy, Eva, and are doing it again with their second toy, Fin.

But while either one of these products would definitely fit in the sex-positive category, for Valentine's Day, they're teaming up with the crystal sex toy company Chakrubs, to offer not just sex positivity, but good energy at the same time.


Crave Vesper Necklace

Crave Vesper, $69 - $149, Babeland

Whether you give this gift to yourself, your partner — no matter their gender — or your best friend (because best friends deserve sex toys for Galentine's Day, too), the Crave Vesper isn't just a beautiful necklace, but a vibrator — in disguise! And who doesn't want to have access to a stealth looking vibrator at all times?


Adore Me Pleasure Set

Adore Me Pleasure Set, $129, LELO

Being sex-positive means embracing the fact that you have some kinks, as well as accepting the fact that your partner has some kinks, too. So for those who want to explore that kinky side of them the Adore Me Pleasure Set by LELO has everything you need to experiment and give that part of you a try for the first time — or the 50th time.


A Donation To Planned Parenthood

Donation, TBD, Planned Parenthood

So maybe it's not a gift that you can hold in your arms, but donating to Planned Parenthood in the name of someone you love is showing them that their sexual health matters to you. It's also helping hundreds of thousands of women (and men!) to have access to affordable sexual healthcare.


Sustain Non-Toxic Fair Trade Lubricated Latex Condom Variety Pack

Sustain Condoms, $29.95, Amazon

Although you might be like, "condoms, really?" Let me answer that for you: "Yes, really." Condoms are extremely sex-positive and for those who aren't into hormonal birth control, are obviously a must. But what's great when you opt for eco-friendly Sustain Condoms, is you're buying non-toxic, fair trade condoms. Exactly what you and your partner want in and on your bodies.


Unbound Couple's Adventure Kit

Unbound Couple's Adventure Kit, $95, Unbound

When it comes to sexy subscriptions, Unbound, a sex-positive subscription that you can sign up for is totally what you want. If you opt for the subscription, it will run you between $65 and $175, depending on how often you want boxes. But, if you just want one box of goodies for this Valentine's Day, then the Unbound Couple's Adventure Kit is the sexiest choice you can make.


Couple's STI Screening

David McNew/Getty Images News/Getty Images

STI Screening, TBD, Various Clinics

While getting an STI screening with your partner isn't exactly romantic, at least not in the traditional sense, it is sex-positive. If you and your partner are thinking that maybe you're ready to stop using condoms, because you've opted for another form of birth control, then why not give each other the gift of knowing that you're both STI-free?

Afterward, you can celebrate with some champagne and chocolate — you know, really make a day of it!


Sex-Positive Artwork

Masturbation Art Nude, $17.50, StickyKitties

Honestly, I found so many beautiful pieces of sex-positive artwork on Etsy, however, this piece, which is just as beautiful and sex-positive in the way it displays female masturbation is subtle enough to make a statement and not have to be censored. Everyone wants (and usually needs) more artwork on their walls and something like this would be a stunning piece to add to any collection.


Sex-Positive Literature

Delta of Venus by Anais Nin, $10.11, Barnes and Noble

I realize I've mentioned Anais Nin before, but when it comes to sex-positive erotica, Nin is the woman you want to read. She wan't just ahead of her time in how she wrote so candidly about sex, but considering her affair with Henry Miller, the love triangle with he and his wife, and a whole boatload of other aspects about Nin's life, her writing isn't just sex-positive, but interesting AF.


Boudoir Photo Shoot

Various, TBD

If you want to combine sex positivity with body positivity, then consider getting dolled up for the camera and doing a boudoir photo shoot for your partner. Bustle worked with New York based Shutter Bug Boudoir to create boudoir photos, and the company does do location shoots, too. Also, they're not the only ones out there — you could even have a friend shoot one for you.


A Sex-Positive T-Shirt

Uterus Middle Finger T-Shirt, $17.37, MeatShopShirt

Who couldn't use another t-shirt? Since that's the case, then get your partner a shirt that's not just sex-positive, but makes a political statement at the same time.

So if you want to keep the gifts you give this Valentine's Day super sex-positive and fun, this is a great list to either pull from or to inspire you ounce you start your shopping.