11 Ways To Make Your Staycation Feel Like A Vacation-Vacation

by Kyli Rodriguez-Cayro
Drobot Dean/Fotolia

Summer is the season for rest and relaxation, but let's get real: if you're on a budget, balancing student loans, or living paycheck to paycheck, saving money for the Kardashian-level vacation of your dreams might not be exactly in reach. Luckily, you don't need to spend your entire savings on a jet-setting adventure to enjoy everything summer has to offer: a staycation can be just as (or even more) relaxing, compared to a full-blown vacation. Think about it another way: those PTO days aren't going to use themselves right? These staycation ideas for adults can help you chill out in style, right in the comfort of your own home.

If you aren't headed to a tropical paradise or lakeside getaway for summer vacation, taking a staycation doesn't mean all you have to do is Netflix and chill in bed (unless, of course, that's exactly what you want to do). You can make your staycation feel extravagant even in your own apartment — especially thanks to all the extra money you'll be saving by nixing the costs of flights. If you are all about the glitz and glamour of vacation, here are 11 ways to make your staycation feel ultra luxurious when you're kicking it at home.


Schedule An In-Home Massage

Sure, you can always go to the spa, but what's more luxurious than hiring a massage therapist to actually come into your home? The last thing most people want to do on any kind of vacation is run around and sit in traffic, so bring the massage therapist to you. There are tons of apps that help connect you with massage therapists in your area; Zeel and Soothe are two top-rated ones.


Have Dinner At The Fanciest Restaurant In Your City

A staycation is the perfect time to get dressed up and have a fab meal at a restaurant you always wanted to try, but felt a little too extravagant for your everyday date night. Bring your SO or a girlfriend, or take yourself out solo; it'll feel lux no matter how you spin it.


Plan An Entire Spa Day

Rather than rushing to get a manicure done in between meetings, or getting a facial every six months or so, check out what spas in your area offer daylong value packages. Planning a six-hour spa retreat will make your staycation feel more like resort living. Even if you are staying at your apartment, you deserve to be pampered a bit on your time off.


Or, Do An At-Home Spa

If you prefer to have an at-home spa experience, fork out for a few luxurious beauty products, try a couple of new beauty hacks, and create a relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom. If you want your luxury items to be a surprise, consider ordering a beauty subscription box ahead of time. Rather than opening the packages when you get them, save them until the day your actual staycation starts so you have something to look forward to.


Take Yourself To A Special Workout Class

On your staycation, consider buying a weeklong pass to a pricy exercise class you've always wanted to try, but you typically can't afford on a regular basis. From goat yoga to kickboxing, it can be fun to switch up your regular exercise routine on vacay while still staying active.


Check Out A Special Event In Your City

Search online to see if your city is hosting any special events during your time off that you can attend — like a musical festival, concert, outdoor play, or art exhibit. You could also check sites like Groupon to see if there are any special discounted rates for these events, or for activities like amusement parks or horseback riding.


Be A Tourist In Your City

It may sound silly, but acting like a tourist in your own town can conjure up similar feelings of exploration that you'd experience in a far-off destination. Stroll through historic downtown, museums, art galleries, and public gardens, and just enjoy being able to relax and take in the scenery around you. If you live near a beach, or protected wildlife area, do whatever unique activities those areas have to offer.


Take A Cooking Or Art Class

Since many people spend their vacations trying out new and exciting activities, take a class that interests you while on staycation. Learn how to cook a gourmet, four-course meal and delectable dessert. Or, make a beautiful piece of pottery you can display in your apartment. It's way better than getting a keychain at some souvenir shop.


Turn Your Regular Routine Upside Down

Living in luxury is all about breaking out of your daily schedule and routine for just a brief moment. Even on a staycation, staying away from daily stressors is important. Turn off email notifications on your phone, as well as your regular work-week alarms. Stay away from running errands or cleaning, even though it can be tempting to use a personal day to play catch up. Enjoy temporarily shirking your responsibilities, and make the most of your free time by, well, keeping your schedule free.


Detox From Social Media

Some of the most luxurious getaways in the world probably have spotty WiFi, or no cell service whatsoever. So, to make your staycation feel even more vacation-like, disconnect from your phone and social media as much as you can. Enjoy the solitude and the time you have to yourself in the comfort of your own apartment.


Take A Day Trip

Taking a staycation doesn't mean you can't travel at all. If you're in close proximity to a beach, ski resort, outlet mall, or daylong wellness treat, consider taking advantage of the short distance. If you really want the trip to feel luxurious, opt to take an Uber or the train so you don't even have to worry about parking

Taking a staycation doesn't necessarily mean you need to sacrifice any of the extravagance or luxury you'd experience on a vacation-vacation. You can make your own home a private and relaxing oasis during your staycation by trying just a few of these tips.