11 Summer First-Date Ideas That Don’t Involve Drinking


When it comes to dating, particularly first dates, “going out for a drink” is an easy go-to idea. However, if you don’t drink, there are still plenty of first-date ideas that don’t involve alcohol. After all, people have many reasons for not drinking: they’re sober, they’re on a health cleanse, they don’t like the taste of alcohol, etc. It’s a great way to see if you connect with someone based on their authentic personality alone, not one that’s been clouded with alcohol. Yes, it takes some getting used to, but once you try going on alcohol-free dates, you’ll see the difference.

“I never recommend alcoholic first dates,” Barry S. Selby, MA, relationship attraction expert and author, tells Bustle. “It’s like test-driving a car while over the limit — your judgment will be impaired and you may have an accident.”

April Davis, founder, matchmaker, and dating coach of LUMA - Luxury Matchmaking, says there are plenty of date options. “An activity-based date is perfect and can allow you to do something fun outside that you and your date can both enjoy together,” she tells Bustle. She says that, this way, you can get to know them and their interests, but don’t have to constantly be trying to make conversation.

That said, if you’re looking for some first-date ideas that don’t involve drinking, the relationship experts below have you covered.