You Need To Try These Non-Traditional Picnic Ideas Before Summer Is Over

I'm sorry to break it to you, but before we know it, summer will be on its way out. The truth hurts, I know. So, if you have yet to host a picnic, what the heck are you waiting for? Consider using non-traditional picnic ideas to make it a little more special. After all, with the right approach, you can make it so good that the picnic lasts all day.

Granted, there is something so classic about the quintessential red checkered blanket and wicker baskets. If you are all about these elements, then by all means, go for it. But, if you are anything like me, you might crave something different. Luckily, it is possible to have a picnic in a way that reflects your style and taste buds.

Personally, I adore picnics because they double as a chance to eat outside. This can be hard to do when you live in a small apartment without a deck, patio, or backyard. I mean, do not get me wrong; I adore my little abode, but I can never host summer party barbecues. Picnics, on the other hand, are more doable.

By enjoying food in the great outdoors, you can also savor warm weather while it is here. Picnics make awesome end-of-summer-date ideas, but they are just as fun with friends, family, or by yourself. Count me in.


Pack Food In Jars

Long gone are the days of plastic packs. Now, it's all about mason jars, people. Ditch the foil tins and plastic tubs for trendy meals in jars. Need some inspiration? Learn how to make easy mason jar salads with A Beautiful Mess.


Decorate Take Out Boxes

For a lighter option, go for Chinese take out boxes. You can buy both paper and (re-usable) plastic versions online. Decorate them with ribbon, paint, or embellishments just like Etsy seller PartyGarden did. How stinkin' charming is that?


Serve Mini Fondue

Yes, you read that right. Tealight fondues are totally a thing. This means you can have melted cheese, chocolate, and more cheese wherever you want. At Amazon, you can grab this one for $17.


Bring Cocktail Ingredients


With the right ingredients, you can swap beer cans for fancy drinks. Chop fruits beforehand and measure out alcohol in separate jars or bottles. When it's time to drink up, simply toss the ingredients together and enjoy.


Pack A Fun Blanket

Red gingham print is so yesterday. Take it up a notch with something that's cool enough to turn heads. For example, this colorful round blanket from Etsy seller NeverlandBeachwear is seriously gram-worthy.


Decorate A Picnic Basket

Wicker baskets might be a classic picnic element, but why go bare bones? With paper flowers and embellishments, you can totally spruce it up. This floral DIY by A Beautiful Mess is the perfect example.


Don't Use A Picnic Basket


Now, if you really wanted to be unconventional, you can skip the basket all together. Try something super unique like a vintage suitcase. Too cute.