11 Super Bowl Instant Pot Recipes To Try Out On Sunday


It doesn't matter what your plans are for the big game — just make sure a Super Bowl Instant Pot recipe is at least in some way involved. Whether you're marching over to a friend's party, having guests over to your place, or watching with your dog from the comfort of your couch, it will all be made better with a simple meal scooped right from the pot.

The great thing about Instant Pot recipes is they look and taste like they required a great deal of effort to make. And yet the opposite is actually true. Once you do the initial chopping and dicing, simply dump the ingredients into the pot, and kick back while your food basically prepares itself.

This will provide plenty of time to pour drinks, chat with friends, and actually watch the game. Because the last thing you want to do at a party is overthink your food. The joy of an Instant Pot recipe is the minimal effort it requires.

There's also something really nice about food that goes beyond the usual Super Bowl fair of chips, dips, and cut up veggies. While those things are delicious, it's the cozy, spicy, savory homemade dishes that really make for a great mid-winter festivity. Here are some of the best Instant Pot recipes that will be perfect for the game.