These Theories About Ro's Fate On 'Jane The Virgin' Are Way More Dramatic Than He Is

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It's always another beautiful day to be Rogelio. But that wasn't the case in "Chapter 95" when he had a stress-induced lone atrial fibrillation. This health incident understandably had fans are concerned about Rogelio's fate in Jane the Virgin. Rogelio de la Vega has provided some delightful levity over the course of Jane the Virgin with his absurd antics and incredible levels of narcissism. But he also has one of the biggest hearts of any character on the show. And while his ticker isn't running great as the series comes to an end, these theories show how Rogelio must live on.

Rogelio is a character that would be kind of perfect to kill off in the sense that's he not entirely pivotal to the main story, but he's so beloved that it would absolutely devastate the characters and audience alike. Which means the possibility of Rogelio's death must be included in a roundup of theories about his fate. Yet, there are also lots of more hopeful places his story could go. After all, he has evolved so much over the years, he seems worthy of a happy ending. And his daughter Baby would never really know her father if he were to die now.

So, along with a requisite death theory, here are some ways that Rogelio's time on Jane the Virgin will finish when the show ends on July 31.

Rogelio Is The Narrator

The identity of the narrator will be revealed in the series finale and Rogelio, who has a similar personality as the Latin Lover Narrator, has been a contender for the part.

The *Real* Rogelio Is The Narrator

OK, this gets a little meta, but @mhknott on Twitter thinks that if Jane the Virgin is the story Jane wrote, that the cast is just the actors portraying the real people. Meaning, Jaime Camil is the actor playing Rogelio while the "real" Rogelio is narrator Anthony Mendez.

Rogelio Dies

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How can you not consider this after Rogelio's heart issue in "Chapter 95"? While his AFib shouldn't lead to his death, this moment might have been preparing viewers for the fact that Rogelio could be one of the characters who dies before the show is over.

Ro & Xo Split Up

Richard Foreman, Jr./The CW

Another sad prospect? That Rogelio and Xiomara could divorce. This doesn't seem as plausible — especially as they've stayed together through Xo's cancer. But it would put the bitter in a bittersweet ending.

Rogelio Gets With River Fields

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What could cause Ro and Xo to break up? If he cheated on her with his costar River Fields. Again, this doesn't seem as likely since he's gone so far out of his way to make sure River knows he's not interested. But Brooke Shields might not be finished causing drama from him — especially if This Is Mars gets the green-light.

Rogelio Becomes An American Star, Thanks To 'This Is Mars'

Speaking of, Rogelio has yearned to be a crossover star. So what if Rogelio has a happy ending where his series This Is Mars gets picked up in the U.S.?

Rogelio & Jane Team Up For Real

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Jane and Rogelio have collaborated a number of times on his telenovelas. But maybe after Jane finishes her novel, she and her dad will work together to adapt it into a telenovela.

He Wins A Major Award

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If Rogelio's ultimate dream of international stardom occurs, he won't just be in the running for the Palomas. Maybe he would even win a Golden Globe, like real-life Jane portrayer Gina Rodriguez.

He Gets Full Custody Of Baby

Richard Foreman, Jr./The CW

Xo and Ro have both had health scares that they've survived, but what would happen if Darci died? Rogelio would become the main guardian to their baby girl Baby — and he'd probably have to battle it out with his telenovela rival Esteban for custody.

Rogelio's Mom Will Return

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Surely, Rita Moreno could take some time out of her busy schedule so that Liliana de la Vega could attend her granddaughter's wedding ... just as long as she doesn't get involved in Rogelio's career again.

Ro Will Walk Jane Down The Aisle

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Jane had Xo and Alba walk her down the aisle during her wedding to Michael, as was right since they were the women who raised her. But for her second wedding, Redditor Elia_M noted that Rogelio could walk Jane down the aisle. Now that they know each other better, it certainly seems like a heartwarming possibility — especially since "Chapter 95" recalled how he ruined Jane's first attempt at wedding dress shopping.

All viewers really want is for Rogelio to still be breathing and to be married to Xo by the end of Jane the Virgin — and anything else will just be the icing on the lavender cake.