Attention, Peter Kavinsky Fans: Here Are 11 Things Noah Centineo Was In Before 'TATBILB'

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If you've watched Netflix's new rom-com To All The Boys I've Loved Before, you'll recognize Noah Centineo as the lovable Peter Kavinsky. But the movie is hardly Centineo's first project — he's acted in plenty of other TV shows, and a few movies, too. Here are some of the most memorable things Noah Centineo was in before To All The Boys I've Loved Before, in case you're interested in seeing more of what the actor has to offer.

Aside from the new Netflix movie, Centineo's biggest role to date was his turn as Jesus in Freeform's The Fosters. Fans of his character are in luck, too: Centineo will return for The Fosters' spinoff, Good Trouble. He'll also star alongside Stranger Things' Shannon Purser in the upcoming Sierra Burgess Is a Loser. Peter Kavinsky may not be coming back anytime soon, but Centineo isn't going anywhere.

But long before he was one of the internet's favorite boyfriends, Centineo was a guest star on a number of TV shows. He's appeared on Disney Channel series like Jessie, Austin & Ally, and Shake It Up, as well as on shows like Newsreaders and See Dad Run. Here are some of Centineo's roles before To All The Boys I've Loved Before — though, of course, none of them can measure up to Peter.


'The Fosters'

Aside from To All The Boys, the Freeform show is probably Centineo's most recognizable endeavor. Centineo played Jesus Adams Foster, and as mentioned above, he'll revive the role in The Fosters spinoff Good Trouble.


Camila Cabello's "Havana" Video

It's not a movie or TV show, but Centineo starred in the "Havana" music video as Cabello's love interest. Skip to the end for an endearing scene featuring Centineo as a biker who falls for Cabello's Karla on the street.



This comedy was released on iTunes last September and looks like your typical teen comedy. (Molly Ringwald even plays one of the adults!) If you're missing Peter Kavinsky and looking for a lighthearted movie, this is a safe bet. Bonus: SPF-18 is streaming on Netflix.



Though he's more recognized for The Fosters, Centineo also appeared in the second season of this go90 TV series. The show is a thriller that deals with online privacy, and it might inspire you to be more careful with what you post on social media.


'How To Build A Better Boy'

Centineo played Jaden in this 2014 Disney Channel original movie. Based on this clip, it looks like Jared is a popular student with an unlikely crush.



Centineo starred in four episodes of this Mornell Studios series. And based on his IMDB page, it looks like he was pretty busy: He played a different character in each of the four episodes.



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Centineo's string of Disney Channel appearances included an episode of Jessie, where he played a character named Rick Larkin. According to the show's Wikipedia page, Rick dated Emma but flirted with someone else, and it didn't end well for him.


'Austin & Ally'

Long before he was an internet boyfriend, Centineo acted in three episodes of Austin & Ally as Ally's crush Dallas. Fun fact: Calum Worthy, who plays Alex Trimboli on Netflix's American Vandal, also starred on the show.

In this clip, Centineo's voice is a lot different than it is now, proving how much he's changed in the last few years. This wasn't Centineo's last time on a Disney Channel TV show, either: He was also in an episode of Shake It Up.


'Abraham & Sarah, The Film Musical'

This Bible-inspired production doesn't look like it had the highest budget. But it does feature a very young Centineo as the young Ishmael — you can catch him in this trailer starting at the 4:55 mark.



If you're an animal lover, you'll be excited about this role from Centineo's past. The actor starred in Turkles as David, a camper who helps investigate the disappearance of sea turtle eggs.


'The Gold Retrievers'

If there's anything cuter than a golden retriever, it's a golden retriever helping recover actual gold. Centineo plays a character named Josh, and yes, he looks super young in this trailer.

Based on all these options, you definitely have plenty of content to hold you over in between watching To All The Boys I've Loved Before again and again.