11 Things People Who Cope With Anxiety Well Do Differently

Hannah Burton/Bustle

While anxiety disorders can be difficult to fully overcome — especially since they can be chemical in nature, as well as deeply ingrained — that doesn't mean you can't learn coping skills for anxiety, or figure out ways to move past it.

And one of the best places to start is with the knowledge that having a little bit of anxiety is natural — and even helpful. "We are all hard-wired to experience anxiety," psychotherapist Melissa Weinberg, LCPC, owner of Open Lines Counseling, tells Bustle. "It is a totally normal, universal feeling. We need to feel fear, and respond accordingly ... to protect ourselves from threats. Anxiety can feel so difficult to overcome because the way that we typically learn to deal with our anxiety, i.e., by avoiding it [and] situations that provoke it and trying to make it go away, actually makes it worse."

It's much more helpful to learn coping skills, and tackling anxiety head-on, than it is to try to completely banish it from your life. "The process of recovering from anxiety involves making the choice to go towards the discomfort of anxiety, to let it in," Weinberg says. "When we practice letting ourselves feel anxious, we start to learn that we can handle the feeling of anxiety and we can handle some uncertainty. And with repeated practice, this mindset becomes natural and anxiety is no longer such a demon." Here are a few more things people who learn to cope — and even recover — from their anxiety disorder tend to have in common.