11 Things Women Just "Don't Get," According To Men


As I stare down at my hands while they type this sentence, I am baffled as to why they're writing instead of making a sandwich like certain male denizens of the Internet clearly expect them to. And so I wonder: What other things do women just not understand? Thankfully, a Reddit user asked this same question earlier this week, and a chorus of men have risen up to enlighten us. What ever would we do without their input?

"Men of Reddit: what is something that women just don't get?" one Reddit user posted on Ask Reddit early Wednesday morning. It took off as quickly as one would expect from a question that so perfectly reinforces the gender binary, racking up hundreds of comments in less than half a day. Most — although not all — of the responses are based on the assumption that men and women are alien species doomed to endlessly skirt around the edges of true communication. Did you know, for example, that women are incapable of being straightforward? That men don't notice a cluttered house, as if they have a specific blindness that blurs the very sight of housework waiting to be done? Neither did I. It's a good thing we have a Reddit post to explain to women exactly how the world works. Read on for 11 gems from the comments section.

1Men Can't Pick Up After Themselves?


Here's a fun fact: Research has shown that having a husband adds seven extra hours of housework each week for women. Perhaps this is why.

2Each Other


Men and women are still human; it's not like we're totally incomprehensible to each other.

3Not Noticing Haircuts


Honestly, this is kind of sweet.

4Male Bonding


This sounds quite a bit like friendships between some women.

5Prostate Exams


At last, an actual difference appears.

6The Male Dating Scene


My friends, I believe I spotted the Nice Guy.

7Powering Down


It's not like women are incapable of letting their minds wander.

8Actually... Not Much


This post hits the nail on the head — most gender differences come from the way children are raised, not inherent tendencies.

9Consent Goes Both Ways


This is absolutely true, and I'd say most women understand that.

10Men's Emotions


Unfortunately, there's enormous cultural pressure for men to hide their emotions.

11Equal Pay


According to some estimates, women won't receive pay equal to men until 2059. If there's anything this woman doesn't understand, it's why the pay gap is taking so long to close.