11 Thrillers Coming Out In Summer 2017, From ‘Atomic Blonde’ To ‘The Bad Batch’

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If you plan on going to the movies just once during the year (though why you would limit yourself in this way is a mystery to me), you should do so in the summer. That's where you'll find the highest concentration of big movies from all of the major studios, hoping to make that sweet summer blockbuster money. Comedies, action movies, romance — it seems like every genre has its heyday in the warmer months. And that includes all the great thrillers coming out in summer 2017.

So how does one define a thriller? Essentially, a thriller isn't really a genre in itself so much as it is a film that puts its main emphasis on suspense. There are horror movies that function as thrillers, there are action thrillers, and, of course, there are the ever-popular erotic thrillers. What they all share in common is that while watching them, you should always feel a little uneasy. You should be on the edge of your seat, never quite sure what's going to happen next. In other words, they need to "thrill" you. This summer has a wide variety of thrillers that cross over into multiple genres, so take a look below and see which thrilling upcoming movie excites you the most.

1. ‘The Dinner’ - May 5

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Richard Gere proved he was the king of thrillers in movies like Unfaithful and Primal Fear, and now he's making his triumphant return to the genre.

2. ‘The Wall’ - May 12

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This military thriller puts you right in the middle of the action.

3. ‘Alien: Covenant’ - May 19

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The original Alien is one of the greatest thrillers ever made, and this sequel looks to take the franchise back to its roots.

4. ‘The Mummy’ - June 9

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Action, horror, and a thriller all rolled into one. That's one way to kick off a new franchise.

5. ‘The Bad Batch’ - June 23

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If watching a woman trying to escape from a cannibalistic cult doesn't count as a thriller, then I don't know what does.

6. ‘47 Meters Down’ - June 16

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Oftentimes, thrillers can be downright scary, as this film proves.

7. ‘Baby Driver’ - June 28

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Crime movies have long been targeted for the thriller treatment, and this film's inventive take on the genre looks very exciting indeed.

8. ‘Dunkirk’ - July 21

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Another war thriller, but this one's from director Christopher Nolan, so you know it's going to make you think, too.

9. ‘Atomic Blonde’ - July 28

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A rare spy thriller with a female lead. This is shaping up to be a pretty great summer at the movies.

10. ‘All I See Is You’ - August 4

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Now here's a plot you don't see every day: Blake Lively stars as a married blind woman who regains her sight, and then discovers some troubling truths about her marriage.

11. ‘Renegades’ - September 1

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This just in: Military thrillers look to be awfully popular in summer 2017.