The 13 Sexiest Thrillers Of All Time, From ‘Fatal Attraction’ To ‘Cruel Intentions’

Some movie genres just go together. Taken on their own, romance and comedy films are just fine, but combined they become the "romantic comedy," a sub-genre capable of causing serious debate about its best and worst representations. Other combinations, like the "sci-fi western," generally aren't regarded as being much more than curiosities. Then there's the erotic thriller. For whatever reason, erotica and thrillers fit together just about better than any two genres should, meaning there are a considerable number of films in the sub-genre. But what are the sexiest thrillers of all time?

That's subjective, of course. There's practically no limit as to what people consider sexy. Somebody out there probably thinks Grumpier Old Men is the sexiest thing ever put to celluloid, and who am I to say they're wrong? For this list, however, I've compiled films that are generally regarded to be the sexiest thrillers ever by the public-at-large. Many follow a similar plot: A cheating husband, a femme fatale, and a dead body or two — and a lot of them star Michael Douglas, undoubtedly the king of the erotic thriller. So if you're looking for some movies to make you hot and bothered — with a special emphasis on bothered — then take a look at the 13 sexiest thrillers ever.

1. Cruel Intentions


Likely the first erotic thriller seen by most '90s kids.

2. Fatal Attraction


The film that inspired so many lesser knockoffs, this 1987 Michael Douglas/Glenn Close vehicle was nominated for six Oscars.

3. Unfaithful


15 years after Fatal Attraction, director Adrian Lyne returns to the genre to produce another classic.

4. Blue Velvet


This David Lynch masterpiece is probably the most critically-lauded film on this list.

5. Indecent Proposal


The title pretty much sums this one up.

6. Original Sin


Angelina Jolie and Antonio Banderas at their peak sexiness will give you all kinds of early 2000s nostalgia. 

7. Body Heat


A pioneer in the genre from 1981, starring Kathleen Turner and William Hurt.

8. Disclosure


Demi Moore and Michael Douglas make for an erotic thriller dream team.

9. Wild Things


Not the pure '90s sleaze it appears to be at first glance; Bill Murray's in it!

10. The Boy Next Door


I never said these movies had to be good, just sexy, and J. Lo hooking up with a guy half her age certainly qualifies.

11. Careful What You Wish For


As the sex symbol du jour, Nick Jonas wasted no time in starring in his first erotic thriller this year. Maybe he'll become the next Michael Douglas!

12. Eyes Wide Shut


Probably the kinkiest entry on the list.

13. Basic Instinct


This movie probably has everything someone could possibly want from an erotic thriller: Murder, Michael Douglas, Sharon Stone's vulva... there's a reason it's so legendary.

There you have it, a baker's dozen of the sexiest thrillers ever filmed. Michael Douglas would approve.

Images: Columbia Pictures

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