11 Vegan Main Dishes To Bring To Your Friendsgiving

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You know you're vegan, and you know Thanksgiving is around the corner, and you know it's your turn to host. What you don't know yet is what the heck you're cooking. That's OK — the surge of last-minute, pre-holiday panic is more than normal. But don't break out the alarm bells yet: there's still time to curate a menu with plenty of vegan Thanksgiving entrees to keep any and all of your guests happy.

Facing down questions about how you could possibly have a Thanksgiving without meat will almost certainly come with hosting, or even with attending someone else's celebration. Whether you need a main dish to wow your own guests, or a main dish to bring for yourself as an alternative to someone else's turkey, it's more than possible to enjoy your plant-based holiday.

Be mindful not to mistake a vegan Thanksgiving for a truly ethical Thanksgiving — it's important to remember the ways in which the story of Thanksgiving glosses over the violent history of genocide against indigenous people in this country, and how modern farming practices (even of veggies) often exploit the labor of migrant workers. But if you're gathering together your chosen family to break proverbial bread and want to keep animal products off your plate, these 11 vegan recipes can help you along your way.


Vegetable Wellington

Phyllo dough and veggies, combining the best things about pie and the best things about salad? Count me in with this veggie-packed vegan Wellington by Veganosity.


Glazed Lentil Apple Walnut Loaf

This loaf from Oh She Glows strikes a fabulous balance between sweet (the maple syrup-infused glaze!) and savory (the lentils! the walnuts!). Easy to prepare and even more fun to eat, this vegan main is sure to satisfy.


Chickpea Vegan Meatloaf

If you're a vegan loaf person but don't want to add more lentils to your meal, this chickpea-based meatloaf from Connoisseurus Vegan has got you covered.


Lentil "Meat" Balls

Lentils and walnuts strike again from Oh She Glows, but this time you're making veggie balls instead of a loaf. And the pear and cranberry sauce that goes with it can honestly be something of a main dish all on its own (or maybe that's just me).


Pumpkin Lasagna

Who said your main dish needs to be a loaf or plant-based "meat"? This pumpkin lasagna from Branny Boils Over will remind you that a Thanksgiving main really doesn't have to be some kind of turkey substitute to leave everyone full and content.


Green Bean Casserole

Who doesn't need a green bean casserole? You sure do, and topped with fried onions, this recipe from Connoisseurus Vegan is a win-win for just about everyone.


Shepherd's Pie

Pumpkin isn't the only style of pie you can go for on Thanksgiving. This vegan shepherd's pie from the Simple Vegan Blog will go a long way toward satisfying both your veggie and pie needs.


Cauliflower Steak

Vegan steak can be made of a lot of things that aren't portobello mushrooms. Don't get me wrong — give me a portobello steak or burger and I will probably love you forever. But to give options to those lovely vegans out there who don't like mushrooms (yes, they exist), the Simple Vegan Blog's cauliflower steak can swoop in for a solid steak-y rescue.


Mac and Cheese

OK, so we're using "cheese" a little loosely here, but I'll take nutritional yeast and a plant-based cream all over the goodness that is macaroni any day. And Thanksgiving is a great day to bring this Simple Vegan Blog recipe to a table near you.


Roasted Brussel Sprouts With Pomegranate And Pecans

When I was asking my chosen family folks what their favorite Thanksgiving foods are so I can craft my menu for this year, at least two of them text-shouted about Brussels sprouts. This Simple Vegan Blog recipe immediately came to mind, given all its seasonal goodness.


Pumpkin Pie

Yes, pumpkin pie does indeed count as a main dish. At least it does for me, especially for breakfast the morning after Friendsgiving. And with these three Oh She Glows options for classic, rustic, and gluten-free pumpkin pie, you can be main-dishing pumpkin pie for as long as you'd like.


With these recipes in hand, it's bound to be more than a decent meal. So whether you're hosting your own or heading back home for the holiday, rest assured that there are plenty of options for you as a vegan on Thanksgiving.

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