11 Ways To Support The LGBTQ Community Year-Round, According To Queer Women & Nonbinary Femmes

Tristan Fewings/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

During Pride Month in June, people celebrate all facets of LGBTQ history and identity, but as every LGBTQ person will tell you, being queer is an all-season thing — not just one month in the calendar. And being a good ally requires paying attention to issues and being mindful about supporting the LGBTQ community all year round. After the parades end, there are still many important ways — both subtle and overt — in which straight people can lift up, protect, and aid the queer communities in their own countries and elsewhere.

Seven queer women and nonbinary femmes tell Bustle that it's often the small gestures that make a big difference when it comes to being an LGBTQ ally, from challenging your own assumptions to altering your language and behavior in order to center queer people and make them more comfortable in the spaces you use. It's also important, they say, to step up when other people aren't behaving in acceptable ways, instead of letting the LGBTQ person in the situation deal with the problem. If you can shoulder the burden of setting boundaries and use your privilege for good, take it on. Here are a few ways to make yourself a better ally all through the year.