13 Of The Prettiest Star Tattoos To Inspire You

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When it comes to geometric shapes, stars are pretty much the superstars of the group. As such, tattoos of stars are pretty common. But some of the starry ink out there is definitely worth another look. From design style, color choices, and content, star pieces often reflect individual interests, like art history, gaming, astrology, astronomy, and musical preference. People with starry tattoos are as varied as the stardust that makes them up.

Many people are familiar with the faux 3D five-point star that has been popular for decades. The star usually features alternating light and dark sections to give the appearance of depth, and is somewhat similar to a compass rose in design. This common star is known sometimes as the nautical star, and is a large part of the tattoo community and one that people have differing associations with. However, despite its popularity, the five-point star is hardly the only star-related tattoo design out there, and before going under the needle, it's worth exploring some of your cosmically-inspired alternative options.

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Below are a few fun variations on the star theme to inspire you. But as always, when choosing your tattoo design, it's best to consider some originality. Opt for a design, color, and placement that reflect your individual sense of style, as well as your personal interests.

1. Abstract Stars

For stars with a twist, consider something like these abstract ones with unique graphic detailing.

2. Artistic Tributes

Paying homage to other starry works is a lovely way to incorporate stars into your ink.

3. Cartoon Stars

These Disney tribute stars are subtle and precious.

4. Game Tributes

Mario stars are adorable. So if you're going to commit a star to your skin, you might want to consider one of these cheerful, magical fellows. Or perhaps a more pixelated version?

5. A Dusting Of Stars

Of course, a well placed dusting of stars is always a nice standby.

6. Petite Couples Stars

If you're looking for a couples tattoo that doesn't involve a heart, going with a subtle, matching star might just be the perfect fit. It's also ideal as a BFF tat, obviously.

7. Motivational Star

There's nothing quite like having a star remind you that the universe is always working, is there?

8. Hatched Star

This teeny tiny hatched star is very pretty. And any ink that small definitely fits into the cool category.

9. Star Dust

A star tattoo containing star dust and beautiful color? Yes, please!

10. The Death Star

OK, so some stars aren't literal. But they're still super cool, and definitely worth considering. Just take this epic Star Wars tattoo design. When it's complete, it will include an incredible rendering of the Death Star.

11. Star Fish

Just as some stars aren't literal, others aren't the cosmic type. This star fish is an ocean dweller, but it still makes for a very cool tattoo.

12. Brilliantly Colorful

This star really pops! When it comes to vibrant color, it might just be one of the most striking star tattoos I've seen.

If you're considering adding some cosmic lines and colors to your skin, now is a great time to do so. Although there are a few cool star tattoos out there, it's an area waiting to be explored. So get sketching, dream big, and work in tandem with your tattoo artist to create a fabulously cool star tattoo for your future.

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