12 Disney Items For A Bachelorette Party That Will Make The Night Truly Magical

Courtesy of Brands

You're getting ready to say "I do," but there's one more tradition you need to uphold: the bachelorette party. Ah, yes. $2 jello shots, rubbing up against strangers in the club, and waking up the next morning not remembering all the details. Love is a beautiful thing. If you want to really celebrate the fairy tale life you're about to live with your significant other, then there are 12 Disney items you need for your bachelorette party.

Disney has crept its way into engagements and weddings, and why wouldn't it? After all, we've been in love with these stories since we were kids, and most of us never outgrew it. Just look at the Disney ring collection Zales designed, which makes me want to get engaged all over again. How about the Disney-inspired wedding dresses that grace the runway? Can't you totally see yourself getting hitched in one of those? Then there was that one time two women in love had a Disney princess-themed engagement shoot and gave us all the feels.

Our Disney princess obsession didn't exactly cool down with the recent royal wedding. When Meghan Markle married a prince and became a duchess, we were all, "I'll have whatever she's having, thanks!"

Who wouldn't want to feel like a princess on their big day? If you and the crew are getting together to celebrate and you want to feel like royalty, these 12 Disney items you can buy online might just do the trick.

1Bride To Be Sash

Disney Inspired Bachelorette Sash


It's not a bachelorette party until you somehow announce to everyone it's a bachelorette party. This charming sash from Henshq on Etsy, complete with a glass slipper accent, is just what you need. Look at how it sparkles.

2Bride And Groom Koozies

Bride and Groom Disney Coolie Set


Koozies! Everybody loves koozies. Keep cool Disney-style, and let your SO have some fun, too. Your favorite canned beverage will never get cold now.

3Temporary Tattoos

Disney Bachelorette Party Temporary Tattoos


You're already committing to the love of your life. That's enough commitment for now. Bypass the real deal for these temporary tattoos by Tats4now that will wash off the next morning. Isn't that shiny gold color simply to die for?

4Bride-To-Be Tiara

Bride to Be Tiara

Oriental Trading

It's your wedding, and you get to be the princess for the day. (Let's be honest, though: you're a princess every day.) And a princess deserves a fancy tiara. It might not be as glamorous as Meghan Markle's, but it's up there, amirite? And Markle didn't have "Bride to Be" written on hers, so THERE!

5Minnie Ears

Bachelorette Party Minnie Ears


SprinklePartyEars knows what's up. Let your bridal party in on the fun with these Minnie ears the whole squad will love. Also appropriate for holidays, weekends, vacations, and every other day of the year. I'd like to point out this kills two birds with one stone, since it also counts as "something blue." You're a savvy bride, you are.

6Champagne Glass Decals

Minnie Mouse Custom Name Champagne Flute DIY Decal


You didn't think you were going to have mimosas in normal, plain champagne glasses, did you? Fret not. TheRealDecal has you covered, literally, with these fantastically Disney stick-ons.

7Water Bottles

Bridal Party Water Bottles


If you prefer hydration of another kind, these water bottles from MissKsShop on Etsy are too cute for words, and they're even BPA-free. Bonus! You'll never be thirsty again.


Disney-Inspired Personalized Sunglasses


You shine so bright with that bridal glow, your squad is going to need these fancy sunnies from PacificCharmDesigns. Personalized using the classic Disney font, they'll add a magical touch to your themed bachelorette party.


Disney Bridal Party Character 3" Button


Personalize these buttons from BippityBoppityButton with your name and princess of choice. Real talk: these are so pretty, I might buy one of each just for funsies.

10Cupcake Rings

Disney Princess Gemstone Cupcake Rings Party Favors


You already put a ring on it, but one more won't hurt. Decorate your cupcakes with this precious princess decor, and then keep the bling for yourself. People will be so jealous.

11Goodie Bags

Disney Princess Party Favor Goodie Gift Bags


Michael Kors, Dolce & Gabbana, Coach, Louis Vuitton, Disney goodie bags.You know what you need to do here. Goodie bags are always the way to go, and BTW? They totes remind me of pizza parties we had back in elementary school when we'd get sent home with all kinds of cool Disney part favors.


Disneyland Bachelorette Party Shirts


These tanks from AngeliqueNola are just one of many (many) options when it comes to bachelorette party Disney tanks and tees. Your shindig won't be complete without them.