12 Things You Need To Throw The Perfect Disney Bachelorette Party

Courtesy of Brands

You're getting ready to say "I do," but there's one more tradition you need to uphold: the bachelorette party. Ah, yes. $2 jello shots, rubbing up against strangers in the club, and waking up the next morning not remembering all the details. Love is a beautiful thing. If you want to really celebrate the fairy tale life you're about to live with your significant other, then there are 12 Disney items you need for your bachelorette party.

Disney has crept its way into engagements and weddings, and why wouldn't it? After all, we've been in love with these stories since we were kids, and most of us never outgrew it. Just look at the Disney ring collection Zales designed, which makes me want to get engaged all over again. How about the Disney-inspired wedding dresses that grace the runway? Can't you totally see yourself getting hitched in one of those? Then there was that one time two women in love had a Disney princess-themed engagement shoot and gave us all the feels.

Our Disney princess obsession didn't exactly cool down with the recent royal wedding. When Meghan Markle married a prince and became a duchess, we were all, "I'll have whatever she's having, thanks!"

Who wouldn't want to feel like a princess on their big day? If you and the crew are getting together to celebrate and you want to feel like royalty, these 12 Disney items you can buy online might just do the trick.